Philadelphia - Suspected DUI driver charged with murder in crash that left 3-year-old child dead


A Montgomery County woman faces serious charges after police say she was driving under the influence and caused a multi vehicle crash leaving a three year old child dead and at least a half dealt another dozen other people hurt they would lose Justin Trudeau with the story district attorney Larry Krasner says it was Wednesday evening when Brianna right of Montgomery County was speeding on Frankford Avenue in Magee in the Mayfair section of Philadelphia he says the twenty eight year old impaired driver that went from sites like Bing a septa bus on the south bound lanes before crossing to the north bound lanes and hitting more vehicles ultimately ended in a six vehicle crash he adds as a result of that crash a three year old died and six others including a seven a nineteen year old were injured sources say the children were not buckled on their vehicles at the time of the crash right is charged with third degree murder homicide by vehicle while driving under the influence and resisting arrest among other charges Krasner's urging Philadelphians to not confuse impure streets in pure pedestrians as an excuse to speed or drive while

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