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We'll bring you today. A very international panel and the subject of today is all about roundup really big picture perspective on how Amazon's affects people globally and more by luck than judgement. We got people in three different continents joining us today. Was this kind of crazy so starting from west to East which feel somehow logical. We got generally from ten key product management Dogra from rural handmade originally from India. Actually in London England not far from me and then John Calvin dish originally from the UK but of course over in Vietnam several timezones ahead. So thank you particularly John. Thank you for staying up to the really the middle of the night to join us. But thank you all very very much for coming along. Great to see you guys. Thank you so let. Let's just two quick introduction of assault one at a time so so we know you know where you're coming from and what your perspective is generally start with you L. I work at turnkey product management. We are basically a done for you. Service Amazon consulting company where we will manage top to bottom Amazon or different brands also offer come sheen an courses so different opportunities their religious trying to help rams excel on Amazon cacophonous. Let's get with the next. Hey everyone my name is gonNa Arkan. We look for Ora Rural Hanmi. Essentially if I tell you what we do. We are Alibaba for handmade. And what's really do? Is we connect to putting onto says who want to create these mindful Brian's to Communities across the Indian subcontinent which includes India Sri Lankan Bangladesh and together. They basically formed this amazing sustainable brand. We specialize in three categories which is living giving and dining and we for Amazon sellers specifically we work on a mind to market model where we essentially commission design ideas into actual physical products. Odd Handmade all sustainable. That's what we do. Co. Ryan said quite a different thing altogether and then John what he doing over in Vietnam Ashley obviously stuck in Vietnam for the next six months closed by yes nice. They're safe here. For a few cases I run a couple of businesses so I I am an Amazon seller as well we do. We have a full service. Agency called E COM DNA. And then. Recently we won't sell Candy Candy is. It's kind of to fill the gap between having a full service agency and having someone to help you out on Amazon. So what we do. Is We do the mundane boring tasks that you don't want to do. As long as the central we do it so unlimited tasks in south central for a set fee a month having Luca but already trying there's no h There's no need to explain to them how to do things just log tasks with us and we get to the outcome rather than south central they just keep telling you to submit the case again. Absolutely great kids. Well you know what's interesting is about. Is You'll interact with a lot of different businesses as well as hoping you'll you'll find pies of various different things yourself so. I think you're well placed to give a bit of flavor from what your clients are experiencing say. The first question is ready. What changes have you seen in your own Amazon business? All businesses will your clients business from I. Guess say January February this year to the car employing which is just the end of April twenty twenty at the time of recording this so anyone wanted to stop the bay question. Because there's been a lot. I think I can say a little bit. If you want please on we have a lot of clients in both US EU. All over the place I said. The biggest challenge with with solid candidate with being assistance is the notifications because we do account monitoring insane at the moment by boxes coming and going everything appearing and disappearing all day every day so it becomes a monitoring monitoring listings becomes a huge Odua task. Obviously Start Shopping Amazon stopping everyone shipping in between was middle of March and April with a big pain especially in Europe and in Europe at the moment still that closed down French film incentives and Yukon Ship Inter Intra country between certain countries. They went shipping into Italy during using European fulfillment networks that you could if you had a majority in the country. So what we've been doing is kind of helping clients now. We are in business to move things around us three pl walls and make sure that we can still have live this things every marketplace because in general sales volume on most things that we've been seeing is in down too much unless you are in a very very essential category climbs volume is significantly up volume is up but it really depends what category you're in. Las People are getting hammered. Here which is not good but Amazon is actually moving back up because we had a lot of deliverability slip away for a long time. Yeah I think. Overall my understanding of Amazon's sales volumes that March twenty twenty twenty percent up on March twenty nineteen. So yes it needs to. Yes thanks for that feedback at interesting the notifications thing which hadn't struck me with his true. I suppose managing that is you know because everything's a bucking Bronco. At the moment. Isn't it genocide of some of this stuff but for clients like a world away in some cases? So what are your? So what have you been seeing on the sort of the pros and cons of the current situation right? Yeah I mean he talked about the FDA if being restrictions was a huge hit majority of our clients do fall into the central category. So a lot of them actually really grew especially in the month of March. April would say it started to kind of Plateau still high numbers. But it's not in a crazy rise right now now as far as you know clients. That aren't able to ship items in. We did have a few of those. Actually one of our biggest clients was in the situation where they are not in a central product and they had to switch to FBI scenes in F. B. M. warehouses wedge was able to help sustain their numbers. And that now even even as we're going along we're still not for all clients able to ship items in. It's kind of a hit or miss but it does. Actually we work with Amazon Launch Pad. So we get some insights from them and everything like that and they basically said you know you're number one dollars are going to be the ones that you start to see that you can send FBI inventory in and it will kind of go down from your release. You know your least popular products so we are seeing that pretty consistently where the number one new products force given brands are starting to open up. The definitely seem very similar things to John where definitely specific categories or. Do we really really well. And others are taking a pretty big hit. Just losing the prime badge in switching. Fbi everything like that yet. It seems to be a common theme but it could target reinforce because every so often you have an assumption but that proves wrong and those are the things you think you know. That aren't true. It is good to tease out but it sounds like some predictable things but also in sing sing about the number one side is kind of by. Castle Grill by sorry by client will my status it by account. That's kind of reassuring the islands in willing to do that. There's some kind of common sense there. So cannot identify not much on the management side but obviously very very in the global source thing side of things I mean. What are you saying from the sourcing side of things Timothy? Overhaul what you've seen the two major mindsets shifts that you've seen Onto minutes we will have one is even an all re looking at. You know we can't hedge and do the entire Susan from China for example and they're looking at we diversify these risk factors go to different sectors. You know the thing supply chain is better at the same time. I think we do talk about Obama's and sellers and they're bigger concern. You know when you create a brand. How safe is the brand which as always been a big concern for them and should we be really focusing on creating and selling existing products and and what we see is in Zuma's that I'll buying out for stories looking looking for things that have a meaning behind and I think we really strongly believe us as a brand associate company week and of Supply that story Do a

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