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156: Steve Aoki (3-Year Anniversary Episode!)



Holy Shit I cannot believe we at three years My manager my business partner. All of us are in disbelief. That we have made it this far. It doesn't seem that long ago that I started doing this show not having any idea what I'm doing now. I maybe have five percent of an idea of what I'm doing still pretty rough but look I could not have made it this far without you. The listener without the support of this amazing community. So I just WanNa say thank you. I love you guys out there. I love everybody out there. Supporting US helping. Us grow over the last three years and I'm very excited to bring you this episode. It was a long time coming. I've got Steve. Ao Ke on the show one of the biggest names in D. Zhang in dance music in just kind of everything calls her. I don't know I don't think I really have to give him much of an intro. You know Steve Aoki's he's got a brand new album out right now called neon future for part of his ongoing neon future series of albums. We talk about the concept behind that in the conversation. You're about to hear and beyond that I mean. He's a man of many hats two time. Grammy nominated deejay producer. He's an entrepreneur. He's a philanthropist. He's got a netflix documentary. Out called all sleep when I'm dead and all of these points if anything's catching your ear. Just keep listening because we get into all of it. Oh ended I mentioned. We've got video now too. I'm realizing not everybody got the memo. Where up on youtube videos of each episode man? So if you're the kind of person who needs a little visual stimulation you can go stare at our beautiful faces while we have this chat the link for that is going to be all over my social media. So just find me there. I will connect you and by the way if you tuning in for the first time. Welcome it's great to have you here Look I've been doing this for three years now. I've been doing this every single week. I've talked to a lot of different. Dj's producers musicians managers. Everybody so do yourself a favor. Scroll back in the feet of this show a little bit. I Bet I have talked to some of your favorite artists along the way. Join us in the discord as well. If you like what we're doing over here I want you to come join our little community. There's a link in the description of this episode where you can come join the discord. Come chat with me. I'm in there every single day. Literally talking with people talking about our lives. What's going on talking about the music? Were making talking about the music. We're listening to posting memes. All of that Shit. And if you're a music producer there's a section for you as well where you can post up your music get feedback. Connect with other like-minded producers. Look we got it all man. The discord is great. You gotta come hang out with us. The link for that is in the description. There's also a link where you can keep up with Steve. Ao Key everything he's doing and you know. Look if you even want to keep up with little old me the link for that in the description baby my email is back to back potted if you want to reach out directly any questions any comments any thoughts any concerns anything going on in your own life you. WanNa talk about. I'm here for you and please hit me up on social media at Willie joy or at back to back pod for the show so look Steve. Aoki's it finally happened. This is what I've been trying to make happen for so long and You know it only took a global pandemic to slow us all down enough for this to be a reality. That should tell you something about the speed at which Steve Lives. He's one of the busiest people on Earth. So just on a personal note. This really meant a lot to me to reconnect a little bit. And I really don't think I have to say too much more. We go pretty deep on this one so without further ADO neon future for is out right. Now go get that. And in the meantime please enjoy the three year anniversary of back to back. Thank you to everybody out there listening watching and everybody who is supported this show over the years. This is me and Steve McKee back back..

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