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The Big Secret


Welcome to kiss missa mystery. So I'm your host could come as promised we're going to take the next five days. Use This podcast to investigate whether flying saucers could be man. Made the first thing we need to do is check into secrecy. Because if these flying saucers we see on a regular basis and Aera boarded if they are indeed man made there must be secrecy not only from the American people but from the government itself. Most people have become familiar with the term black OPS short for black world operations television movies it started with the Manhattan project and later the Atomic Energy Commission atomic bomb was shrouded in secrecy by the Manhattan Project. That wrote the rules on black box to further that point the world learned that America had dropped atomic bomb on hero. Shema at one time. No one was more surprised than the. Us Congress none of the members had any idea that it was being developed. Vice President Harry. Truman had been equally stunned to learn about a bomb when he became president. Truman had been the chairman of the Senate Special Committee to investigate the National Defense Program when he was vice president meaning that he was in charge of watching how money was spent during the war yet. He had no idea about the atomic bomb. The bombs price tag adjusted for inflation. Cost Twenty eight billion dollars the Manhattan project employed two hundred thousand people. It had eighty offices and dozens of production plans including a sixty thousand Acre facility in rural Tennessee. And no one knew the Manhattan project existed that secrecy after the war. Congress was given control over the ball. They created the atomic energy. Act in Nineteen forty-six a terrifying new system of secret. Keeping the presidential system was governed by presidential executive orders regarding national security information but the new Atomic Energy Commission. Formerly the Manhattan project was now in charge of regulating national security information for the first time in American history of federal agency would be run by civilians. This is to say that the Atomic Energy Commission would maintain a body of secrets classified factors other than presidential executive orders so way beyond the loop. The president was in. In other words the EC would keep the president out of that loop concerning certain secrets it was also the ADC. Created the term born classified. This man that the Atomic Energy Commission could classify something that originated outside the government through think tanks and research for private parties in other words the AFC C could hire a private company to conduct research for the commission and the result of the research that would be born classified leaving the president. All of the government out of the loop on this begs the question of where all this clandestine research would take place. The answer of course would be area fifty one and we'll get into that later on this week our investigation. And what pray tell would this research beyond area fifty one was born depending on your source about nineteen fifty one. The Atomic Energy Commission was formed in one thousand nine hundred forty six so it wouldn't be a stretch to imagine that early research was on spy planes like the Youtube that flew over. Russia one year later. Nine thousand nine hundred forty seven after the creation of the Atomic Energy Commission a flying saucer crashed on a rash just outside Roswell New Mexico wreckage bodies who was off to area. Fifty one fast forward to nineteen eighty. Six hundred ninety. Two people came forward with eye witness reports of what happened back in one thousand nine forty seven. This one thousand nine hundred eighty. Six event raised public awareness concerning the Roswell incident and certainly peaked. The interest in flying saucers in general but underlying that interest is always the cried that the government knows about line saucers and alien life but the truth is the dare probably as much in the dark. As General Public Think Atomic Energy Commission to hammer this home. It was president. Bill Clinton who in January nineteen ninety-three beginning of his first term requested that the head of his Justice Department. Find out if they're really. Ufo's that sounds to me like a president. That's out of the loop. Well we're going to continue this investigation by looking at what happened to the. Adc Are Atomic Energy Commission. And where it is at this point and considered the fact that the government including the president may still be out of the loop that will be in tomorrow's podcast. The birth of black OPS UFO research was produced here night. 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