Federal judge rules New York must hold June primary canceled over coronavirus risks


Race Andrew Yang strikes again well there's an old timey name you haven't heard the inter Yang yeah no Yang is a disruptive force in the Democratic Party at least this week he is because remember New York state and its board of elections had canceled their democratic primary for June twenty third and said not we're not gonna have it anymore we've got Joe Biden don't worry about it and for the health and safety of our people are not gonna have this and that was widely seen as something of a coup attempt because Bernie Sanders made it really clear when he quote endorsed Joe Biden but he still wants his own voters to vote for him even though he's out of the race another reason for that is because he wants to crude delegate delegate strength by the time he shows up at the convention whatever form that takes but the democratic convention if he's gotten a lot of delegates behind him he can use that to advance the more socialist elements of the democratic platform that he's interested in seeing and then that's why Bernie was doing that so in New York it was believed that this was an effort to basically say never out we're not going to participate in this game we're just gonna try to get as many delegates as we can over to Joe Biden and Bernie you can go home but what ended up happening yesterday thank Dan thanks Dan regarding a lawsuit he filed he's a federal judge ruled that New York must go forward with its presidential primary the judge U. S. district judge Anil Lisa Torah's of Manhattan made the ruling yesterday evening that they will hold the primary in June and that tore as ruled in favor of Yang and the lawsuit as it was filed by young's office and the young lawyers said this quote this unprecedented and unwarranted move infringes the rights of plaintiffs and all New York state Democratic Party voters of which are estimated to be more than six million as it is fundamentally denies them the right to choose our next candidate for the office of president of the United States the court agreeing there and saying that this that the removing that Alexion merry was unconstitutional interesting that inter Yang we get involved in this the old Yang gang has not broken up they got the gang back together looks like that's right interesting I guess he's a he's a Bernie bro now I guess he's making it known that he is part of the resistance within the Democratic Party with this little move either that or he just likes getting votes you know he's like he still has his name on the ballot again alongside a bunch of other people you realize this you about this June twenty third ballot will include Yang Sanders Warren and Michael Bennett Amy Klobuchar Tulsi Gabbard Michael Bloomberg digest of all Patrick Tom's tire all their names are gonna show up on that ballot in New York in June and that every I released a statement yesterday said quote I'm glad that a federal judge agreed that depriving millions of new Yorkers of the right to vote was wrong I hope the New York board of elections takes from this ruling a new found appreciation of their role in safeguarding our

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