#463 - Bryan Fischer Hangs Up on David C. Smalley



In the back of our minds, you may know that everybody matters, but right now the black house on fire so when they make a claim that they are in crisis, and the fire truck comes down to focus on them. Let's help put the fire out. Let stand there and hug them. Let's validate them. Let's stand arm in arm while they Saab and cry about their loss of their photos. Not Tell them that are pictures are just as important as theirs, because while it may be true, it's missing the point of the crisis. Please tell me you understand that. No. I agree with you David I. Think you were talking about a point of agreement trying to find it I. Think we just found it? Awesome, so my point to you is when when people are out protesting and they're saying black lives matter. The message of all lives matter. Feels like we're being ignored and we're not being validated and that it feels like it's an argument against our our our cry for help. That's that's the. I don't want to speak for the black community, but I've been to enough of these protests and had an folks on my show to understand. That's the core of the message were in crisis are houses on fire right? That's all I. WanNa. Say so all lives. Matter does hurt things because it's missing the point, even though it may technically be true. well I. I guess I have a question for you. Is is the responsibility of the same on both sides in other words do both sides in a situation haven't equal responsibility to try to hear and try to understand the point of view and the emotions of the other party, or does only one party have that responsibility? Well That's a really interesting question. It's a really good one I think. For the most part in a relationship situation, overall both people have responsibility. But. If one person is going into crisis. If, one person is depressed or suicidal or over the top angry. The person who is not in crisis. I believe has an obligation to step up and And take on some responsibility out of love for that other human being in crisis. And and and you would say that that goes both ways. During crisis, yes! Okay then we have another Dave. We have another point of agreement. This is turning into a Koumba conversation. Okay, I I feel like you're insinuating something that maybe I'm not understanding, so tell me what your point is on the on the on the compassion, going both ways. We'll know I agree if you've got somebody that's hurting somebody that's in trouble. You WanNa go to their side. You want understand them. You want to help them, and if you believe that it goes both ways than were on the same page. Okay cool so in a situation like for example I I, hate to just make it personal, but marriage counseling is a good way to look at at relations with other people, so if your wife just lost a family member, someone in her family died. She's under a lot of pressure under a lot of stress. She's got a job interview coming up. She's freaking out about that. The washer broke down and she had to wash her clothes for the job interview and she's okay. She's stressed. She's crying. You Walk in the room and she snaps you. And scream something you're yells at you in that in that one moment she's she's wrong for yelling at you. Right it's not appropriate. But because you don't have all of the stress on you. You love her, and so the point is to go. She's hurting. And to offer validation and see how you can help solve the problem rather than just going. You screamed something at me and then call her name and yell back at her because she unfairly attacked you right? Yeah, technically I guess you can say you guild at me. I and we could be in fifth grade, or we can have adult emotional intelligence and say she's hurting, so she screamed at me. She probably wouldn't have done under normal circumstances right so. Am and I agree with you David and I think about how the people that have had their businesses destroyed. You have white business owners that have had their businesses destroyed, and you have black business owners that have had their businesses destroyed and I frankly in many of these cases. I feel more pain for the black. Business owner because he's worked his whole life. To put the scratch together to build that business, and then these writers come along some of them of his own ethnic background, and they destroy his business. I've got tremendous compassion breaks my heart when I see these guys being interviewed tears in their eyes, I spent my whole life. My whole life savings everything I own. Is In this business and now it's destroyed. I feel tremendous. Compassion for him and I think we ought to have the same compassion regardless of the ethnic background of the guy who does that and whose business is destroyed I believe we should have the same compassion for a white business owner whose business has been destroyed by rioters as we do for a black business owner, whose business has been destroyed, and I think we both agree on that yet, Fischer. For sure. Yeah, we can move into that portion of it now. I think we have a pretty good understanding. I think that. One.

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