Stephen Fry on Reimagining the Greek Myths

The Book Review


You've written memoirs. You've written novels. What made you sit down and think what I really need to do is is rewrite Turi version of the Greek myths. It was amendment two to. Having dinner with some friends and I can't remember how this subject came up, but Someone was talking about you know. It wasn't an over pretentious dinner party discussion, but it was about the way. Different Cultures explained how the world came to be. We were saying is is Genesis a terrible myth? Is it all about guilt and shame and other better ones, and so started to talk about you know the Greek origin myths, and then went back to to the you know out of chaos, and or an Austin guy on I'm started staring at me and said go on. I said well. You know and then I. Get the next generation was talking. Know about Kronos and and then the birth of Zeus. New Game Wow. How'd you oldest I supervised? Creek myths and a lot of them were very far more diligent to nine and probably better read, but they just they knew the names. Everyone knows the names use in Paulo, and and and so on, but they hadn't joined the dots. And, it's a miraculous thing about Greek mythology that there is a timeline in chronology knits probably be reverse engineered by. He's been homer and later poets obviously, but nonetheless it has a shape a beginning in the end, which other mythic structures don't seem to have and the so deepen. To use such a Cliche, but I can't avoid in the DNA of our own culture and art that it's kind of part of who we are so. They encouraged me really and a lot of people said you got. You could retell those stories, and at first I thought I'd do a stage show, and then I started writing it and realize what pleasure it was to to research. Go back to some of the sources the time remember burn and find out and fill in the gaps in my knowledge that I started writing. Did that Mobile Library play a part in your early reading of the Greek myth says well, yes, it did and firmly enough it was American, mythologised, who were the biggest infants so me when I was young apart from Robert Graves who was hugely influential. Who wrote a magnificent two volume edition of agreements, but when I was younger and too young, for Robert Graves, it was Hamilton and Bernadette, Flynn and bull finch copy of Dolphins, which is American I think. Isn't it the both with? And Anthony Hoffman whom I remember well reading those when I was very young, had big illustrated version of Nathaniel. Hawthorne's Tanglewood Tales and these were all wonderful retailing children, and there was a pretty sure Roger Lance Lynn Green. Bread was a boy and at school, because I loved classics at school from a very early age, we were taught latching from age of seven of. School and and I did. It only because I think it did so badly it everything else. That I was put onto ancient Greek quite young, too. I was eight or nine when I started engine. Great which I love. And so the stories, of course, the things you use for translations and So I grew up with a with a lot of them.

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