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US, New York Times And GOP discussed on KCBS 24 Hour News


Reporting I'm Deborah Rodriguez in upstate New York yes near the White House behind a newly erected barricades a night after police used tear gas and flash grenades to break up demonstrators CBS's Chris vancleave even though the curfew has passed and folks could be subject to arrest they've allowed this demonstration to continue it has been peaceful throughout roads and mass transit are opening again in Chicago two days after they were shot down by looting and violence in the wake of George Floyd's death mayor Lori Lightfoot we cannot conflate legitimate first amendment expression with criminal conduct correspondent Steve Futterman has the story from Los Angeles there was no major violence in LA overnight there were no more than two hundred arrests for curfew violations Jackson's to leave the area they would not so then we told them they were under wraps around a thousand protesters briefly demonstrated yesterday outside the home of LA mayor Eric Garcetti the mayor joined protesters outside city hall and briefly took a knee police chief Michael Moore has apologized for accusing looters of capitalizing on George Lloyd's death Moore says he regrets saying they had blood on their hands pope Francis has broken his silence over the protest a seguito della currency commodities in your show or phone he says while racism is intolerable street violence that's broken out in the US is self destructive and self defeating there's hopeful news from Dr Anthony Fauci on a corona virus vaccine he says the US should have one hundred million doses by the end of the year is in is if we're going to make the vaccine show its objective and then have to wait a year to Rev up to millions and millions and millions of doses that's going to be done as we're testing the vaccine Madonna is expected to begin phase three of human trials by mid summer more than one hundred six million people have now died of covert nineteen in this country and incumbent Republican congressman from Iowa he's on his way out CBS's Stephen Portnoy afternoon in terms in the house Steve king was for all intents and purposes abandoned by his party stripped of his committee assignments by GOP leaders last year he was quoted in a New York times article asking when the phrase as white nationalist and white supremacist became offensive terms the at home thing isn't working out for SAT takers the College Board says it's postponing plans to offer an online version of the college entrance exam because it doesn't have the technology to support it the application process has been thrown into chaos.

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