Do Genetics Determine Our Health


Is Darlene convinced. About thirty years ago, I started nutritional weight and wellness with very little financial support. And I remember that well I'm sure you do? But with a big desire to help people feel better through their food, choices and lifestyle habits. Then you know about fifteen years ago, we started the dishing up nutrition radio, show and podcast you know I was already at an age when many of my friends were retiring but not. Of course not. I had a strong desire to spread our message of eating real food to all parts of the world. Some people especially my son. Boy laughed at my dream, but I'm happy to say mission accomplished. Absolutely, Dr. we recently received an email from a delightful woman who listens to dishing nutrition from India. Wow, she said, thank you. Your simple message of eating. Real food has changed my life. We'd love hearing though it's life changing stories from our listeners now you kind of know a little bit more about me. People always want to know about me for some reason so now. Let's learn a little bit more about our Co.. Caroline Hudson. She's been registered Dietitian for many many years. She'll probably tell you how many. Caroline and I are the senior members of nutritional weight and wellness team and Caroline hepker passion. Also, she also has a passion for helping people understand the power eating real food. Caroline tell our listeners just a little bit about yourself where you went to school. You know where you've practiced and your favorite. Very. Favorite Hobby Scuba diving right Oh, sure good morning Dr! It's so nice to be here in good morning to all of our listeners out there wherever you are. I actually grew up here in Minnesota, but then I decided to pursue my nutrition degree in Toronto Ontario Canada. So. My careers really been very to say the least I've worked with Canadian in. People in very interest far northern Ontario communities even on an island in the middle of Hudson's Bay. I had to take a big. I had to take a plane while like a little plane. Had Skis on it was in the middle of winter we landed on. In the middle of Hudson's Bay, it was frozen over, and then I voted into a big huge bombrdier like a big ski do. Took me to the hospital there. So you don't care on. My first degree was in anthropology I didn't know that I would love that. This faster. Yes, fascinating! I actually got stuck there in a snowstorm for four days, but That was just one thing that I think. but I also had the opportunity to be the senior director for very large medical system. It included a large teaching hospital so I had a dietetic internship program underneath me and did I had a senior living center I had a nursing home and another small community hospital. Wow, so that was a huge system and lots of different employees and lots of different unions. So that was that was very interesting, but more recently yeah I. Got Certified as a will coach Okay and now I have. Really, this is my dream job. Good. You know the wonderful nutritionists Dietitians that I get to work with to work with you It's just it's been a dream. Come true because I really wanted to get back to helping people on one and as senior director. I never got to know that. Yes I was managing people from. Wasn't doing nutrition really. So now I. Get to do that. And then as you mentioned before one of my hobbies is scuba diving. I love the water anything to do with scuba diving and I started to go down to visit my brother every winter. He lives in Cozumel and I thought. I am going to get certified to dive. I'm watching all these down there so now I love it I love the underwater life, and all the beauty of the coral and the fish and everything. It's

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