Han Dynasty


Welcome to bedtime history. Have you heard of a country called China one point four billion people in China more people than any other country in the world around nineteen percent of the world has Chinese, which means around one in five people. The Chinese have very interesting history which goes back thousands of years there civilizations were vast and powerful and the invented many useful things tonight. We're going to learn about the Han dynasty which ruled China for over four hundred, years. China located in the East which is across the Pacific Ocean, from the United States than below Russia and above India. Like many civilizations changed over the years as emperors replaced other emperors. An emperor is the same thing as king in China. Gals who was the first emperor of the Han Dynasty in two hundred BC? He formed the new capital of CIANCI along the way river. His first move was to replace smaller kings over the different regions with his own relatives, which he I thought was a good idea, but these relatives ended up being just as difficult, often trying to take over his role as emperor. With gals Zoos Emperor Confucianism, became the main philosophy in China, it started with a man named Confucius. Who wrote about how people should treat each other and behave? He wrote the people should be honest and trustworthy. They should be loyal to their leaders. Parents and parents should love their children and children should love their parents. A follower named Fu Shang had saved the books of Confucius and under Emperor Gal Zoo universities were established Oliver China to share his teachings. Before. Long thirty thousand students were studying Confucianism. For many years, the Chinese people worship their ancestors. The emperor worshipped his ancestors to and he and most families made ritual sacrifices to them and to other spirits. Taoism was another religion practice during the Han Dynasty, and during this time Buddhism was also introduced to China. For every civilization trade is an important way for people to get things they need. In one, thirty, eight BC, a man named John Chen was sent by the emperor to explore the West. On the way most of his party was captured, but junction continued on until reaching Afghanistan. There he discovered goods. The Chinese would find useful like horses and Golden Silver and could be traded for junction, hurried back to the emperor and told him about the trade route soon. Many Chinese were moving along this trade route, connecting the east and the West. Some of the main goods China traded to the countries in the West where t perfumes, precious stones and silk. For this reason, it became known as the Silk Road and was used for hundreds of years afterward for trade between the east and the West. The, people of the Han Dynasty were also known for their beautiful artwork. We know this. Because many of the tombs were decorated with paintings and pottery and carved stones for example, the Tomb of the Wu family had three thousand figures carved from silver bronze jade. The, Han Dynasty also known for its invention of paper. The Chinese people took items like bamboo rags, fish, nuts and tree bark impounded them down, and then mix them with water next they spread it out flat and let it dry. This new invention quickly spread the empire. Another important invention was writing during the Han Dynasty. Someone wrote the first Chinese Dictionary and historians began recording the history of the Chinese people. Which is why we know so much about them today. Like all great dynasties, gals, uis ended when someone more cunning and powerful took over. Wing became the next temper and broke with many of the old dynasties traditions and called his new dynasty. The first thing he did was took the farms for many of the wealthy families, and gave them back to the peasants, the poor people. This angered many of the smaller kings, and before long a new emperor lay shoe controlled the Han Dynasty. At this time, the dynasty was mostly controlled by young teenage boys who are power hungry and always trying to get the best of each other, which only lead to more trouble in the palace. Before long the next person wanting to be emperor raised an army, and conquered the palace, leading to the end of the Han Dynasty. But incredibly at four hundred years, this dynasty was the longest lasting of all dynasties in the history of China, and also set the standard for future dynasties which sought to emulate its success today. China's one of the largest countries and seeing much growth and has its history to thank for it.

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