Adrian Higgins of Washington Post A Way to Garden With Margaret Roach June 22, 2020


Idea of everyone being in quarantine in sort of late March into April. must've been. Just horrific for these business, people so I'm glad that it has bounded back A lot of nurseries have You know also sort of curbside pickup. All social distancing most of them remained. Open during during the pandemic but obviously in very constrained. Circumstances so I'm glad to hear that I haven't had. Every week he takes a pulse, you know. He asks for everyone to send in from one to ten an assessment of the week, so to speak all over the country and Canada. And then he publishes in each edition of his newsletter each week and and so yes, it came roaring back now. That doesn't mean there wasn't much suffering in that. Many perishables were not tossed in the compost. Heap the right I mean the early sales stuff. Probably some of it went by, and no one bought it so y'all betting on. On you'll from spring annuals hub. Some things I'm sure they were just written off unfortunately in certain areas. I would imagine yes, if places close and as you said the seed companies, some of them like them Tom, stearns, at high mowing in Vermont. He said some weeks they were up as much as three hundred percent year over year. You know from mid March onward. And then they had to as many places that they had just take a hiatus because they couldn't head to pack more seeds, I mean put more seeds in packets. It was just too much. You you're talking to feed companies. and. I'm sorry I'm they were. You know they had to. As you say literally shut down so that they could catch up with the orders, and recognizing to they were their own stuffing was diminished. for the for their own safety and a lot of. vegetables like beans and lettuce and. well lots of different things. They they just. They sold out quickly. So. You, know fortunately. I, certain in many parts of the country. especially in the mid Atlantic. To me, I've always said that. The Autumn Garden Vegetables Garden is perhaps the best. Season of the year, so we still have lots and lots of time to. To get more, see and I'm happy successful growing you, yes. The Public Gardens as you said in a recent common, this has been one of the real heart breaking things for me to watch because I. You know as you have over the years interviewed so many people at them visited so many of them spoken at them. Whatever and you know have a tenderness for them. you wrote in a recent column of at least six hundred public gardens across the US large and small all, but a handful have been closed since mid-march in. It's sort of now. What how do they reopen? How do they prepare to reopen? So what about some of that? Your thoughts about some of that? Well, some of them are preparing to re, and but it will be in a diminished. way I mean then botanical gardens recently reopened, but it's on a on a time. Ticket seemed to be going to lack of time tickets. So they need the number of people who enter. And So! I know it may might be. It's probably only twenty five percent of their capacity. Right so if you get a ticket, it's great because you've got the place to yourself. But obviously you know that doing the best they can and. Trying to be safe about it, so. Things are opening up a little bit. The problem being that the money in big public garden. especially you just mentioned Denver or New York Botanical Garden a place that has. Shows and shows the the whatever show you know a seasonal shows that go on for a few months and A premium ticket purchase. That's a big part of their income.

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