Coronavirus vaccine could come from California, with no shot needed


As researchers work to develop a coronavirus vaccine one bay area company has produced a potential vaccination that would be ready pain free K. C. B. S.'s Dan Mitchinson with the details it's not a shot but a patch that uses microneedles microneedle Sir so tiny you can hardly even to see the needles are so short they don't reach inner so it doesn't hurt how you feel this pressure that's Dr Daniel Henderson CEO of napa based burn dari he says once those microneedles penetrate your skin then medical adhesive attached as Maxine patch to your skin you don't feel anything it's like wearing a bandaid and after five minutes you take it off the vaccine is still in pre clinical trials but Henderson says the patches would be easier to administer than shots could be sent through the mail and would likely be less expense of of course there's a lot of competition out there right now to create a successful vaccine roughly a hundred thirty companies are in the running but Henderson feels pretty confident he's on to a winner I wouldn't be doing it unless I thought it was

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