Donald Trump requests apology from NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace


NASCAR stands by bubble. Wallace says the president attacks him with the 4 30 report. I'm Sean Gallagher breaking now. Trump administration today trying to explain the president's tweet, suggesting NASCAR's only African American driver should apologize for the FBI investigating and then finding a noose hanging in his garage was not a hate crime President Trump tweeting and asking if NASCAR driver bubble Wallace apologized after the FBI concluded that a noose hanging in his car stall was not a hate crime directed at him. Wallace responding now on Twitter, saying, Quote, always deal with hate being thrown at you with love, even when it's hate from the president of the United States. Wallace ending the Tweet with Love Win ABC. Sandy Field NASCAR. Responding on Twitter, Retweeting mauls a statement with the hashtag we stand with Bubba Driver, Tyler Reddick had responded to the president's tweet saying, quote. We don't need an apology. We did what was right and we will do just fine without your support. But a short time later, Reddick deleted the tweet was some speculating it was due to pressure from Richard Childress Racing

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