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Graduated. In two thousand six. I'm from new. York and went to Boston University and They. It was just a generalized film education, and this was kind of at the dawn of host Wes Anderson. People care about movies and this entire generation of kids who didn't know what they wanted to do. Who probably like a generation earlier would have been sociology majors? All of a sudden film school becomes this huge thing. Post interesting Emerson have an impact. I feel like there was there was something in the water at that moment where arthouse cinema surge bleed into mainstream. And there was this Jason Reitman was. Was Doing. His thing is consideration of like twee as a as a lifestyle brand Lake Piso doesn't knows a thing. So I think I think. Film schools became wildly successful, nationwide and and. Everybody on Earth wanted to be a director. I didn't I know I've really had minimal interest in being a a a traditional filmmaker, but I knew I knew I was really good at facilitating, I know it was really good at digesting the concept in the science and filmmaking and communicating that stuff but I didn't want to be a

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