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Los Angeles - San Bernardino County Approved to Move Into Accelerated Phase 2, Open Dine-In Restaurants and Malls


Sen Sen Bernie Bernie Dino Dino county county received received word word late late Saturday Saturday night night that that they they have have been been approved approved to to open open more more businesses businesses now now among among these these are are dine dine in in restaurants restaurants small small retail retail stores where customers can shop inside malls and swap meets board of supervisors chair Curt Hagman says it's important for these businesses to have safety measures in place so they have a program to reward them right this is as good as he was on the senior force going on the future yeah I know what this is saying that the criteria from the state our mentality and the state to make sure it's a safe place and and the board out of the state thirty million dollars behind campaign small businesses can receive up to twenty five hundred dollars to implement the necessary safety measures

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