Space Force Review: Steve Carell Charms in Netflix Comedy Series


As the brand new streaming series space forces about to blast off that's right this star Steve Carell and it's created by Carell and Greg Daniels who is best known for doing the office the two of them of course work together and that for many many years big popular show this one is a Netflix series and like you said it's taking off this Friday it's about the creation of the space force which is a real thing and we've got that actually happening right now and it's a more of a workplace comedy from the general's point of view has been put in charge of it that being corral potus once complete space dominance to that end the president is creating a new bridge space force which mark will run what overall the story is interesting I'm curious to see where they're trying to go with it because that one hand they're trying to make a kind of this absurdity but on the other hand there really trying to make this destroyer of out this general who finally gets his chance to run something and and he's handed something that he really doesn't want to do it he's gonna find a way to make it work hi it has had some some very funny moments especially because of the acting I really want to see where they go with season two because they could this could blossom like the office but it could also please allow ten you know crashed upon landing yeah you know it's got that deadpan humor the kind of thing that Steve Carell is able to do very very dead pan humor how does that how's that gonna hold up episode after episode well I think that's the part that works that's I think what made the office work so well and and he's he's up against like John Malkovich's his foil it and and that that really was the two of them have great chemistry I was amazed scene after scene they trot out in every scene another new character actors some of television's best character actors on this so that makes it look pretty interesting all right how many how many retro rockets do we give space force I'm going to give it three and a half retro rockets but they're firing on all cylinders and that's good because I I I think this has a lot of potential which is kind of still has to fight to find its

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