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It's Alt Season As Bitcoin Struggles


Get everybody how well. Hey Hey what's going on out there? Well well well. Bitcoin SMASHER ten thousand nine. Well Stranger things have happened but not that much more strange Right now and I was saying a bit of a topsy economy ticket. I gotta say on from one of the really really Not In the position. Where feel clear on directions? I want to see another wives selling before I joined that way to selling before we go any further once again yours. Hey listen listen very closely. Listen very carefully. I have got your education bank tight full we have to do is go to try to curb DOT COM forward slash X. That's it going for the instructions today. Tells you get the course absolutely free now? You might have gone through and done this before. But don't forget what you've done is an online version. That was quite some time ago. What you're going to get in these live presentation of full About an hour and a half h section. You're going to get a complete new view getaway to ask me questions. So please I ask you try to cope dot com for slash. Okay X get your free education. Say What we do and the maybe convince yourself to spend some money or maybe not maybe the Enough I don't know but just gotTa jump on get stuck in and we will help you out anyhow. That's brought to you by cakes right so yeah like I said they're paying for your education so give it a crack so. Bitcoin wanted a do over launch. Well yesterday we saw look. We saw pretty a pretty good case for a bullish candle up to percents nothing major but outside the Senate is still up to present. What does it actually main sort of way I guess? Where does it come from? What was it? What are the late self to? Oh Gee Whiz I'll tell you what the four hours one that was looking at this morning. Look you know many of the monetize a little short them up. Play at quite nicely for me. It's a bit. I love it enough right now. On being a mother being overly cautious it could just be may or may be being overly course. That's okay because I just do what I do. I'm happy to not be involved when I have that. That really clear market direction. Now die give me wrong with four hours. Very Much. So in a downtrend. It's just the the moment I like to try to. The direction of daily strong trend already started to see too much strength in Bitcoin. Shot at the moment on the daily show. I can't fault you and you say well. There is a little a low. I I agree. I'd love to see if we say the lowest of yesterday's candle taking that's a low of eight thousand six hundred twenty five but yet that taken out if if we get that taken out than we've got a real shot can we've got a real shot at some profile moves to the downside towards ice thousand for me that would really signal. There's a lot more downward momentum at the moment on just not seeing enough wrought now familiar be pauling into shorts that can change quickly and it does change quickly all right. It's not decided I want look. I won't take a short try. That's not what I'm signed not at all I'll happily take a short tried if a short tried is set up but I'm going to be very cautious. I'm going to continue to be cautious going through this period of Tom as we say. Be Acting as normal as we have. Donald predictably the trend is just so bitcoin is as I said it closed up two percent just below two thousand nine thousand twelve a little bit thousand nine hundred ninety four dollars took set up onto a theory. It close up two point four four percent who and it closed up. Two hundred four dollars did close about that. Two HUNDRED MOCK. It held its ground there. Nothing really too much going on from the moment. They're coming across to pay a quick quickstart of the diets. Dropdown about point six of central radio. Yesterday it was up a bang on two percent at close at nineteen point. Six months filed get above that Tom that twenty level that's been quite important and is is quite volatile of sewing Spending around all live shop. Bitcoin cash well hall even even a having that needs to get down below the all wise yesterday as well. That's twenty and forty five cents gets NAMBLA that we won't actually have something to work with until then look the cried Broken this morning I just don't like about trying to support down at two twenty and forty five It was Dan yesterday. It was up. I three point six two percent but not much going on right now a Gyn just a very average looking shot. What the Bitcoin as closed. But only point. Three of a percent up There's not much there on that shot. It's it's pretty ugly the four year. Look at his starting around a little bit. But there's no real strong levels of anything familiar. Be Working with at the minute and I'll just keeping an eye on it from a distance really. There's not much going on there as far as close to these consent lot coin. Also you know it was up. Select two point two percent. It actually closed a NAS level of forty two ninety four at the minute just of angering saw wise again on turn. Timeframes say non. Recently One Percent Red Candle Bang on the first candle of the die on the fifth day at But not much more to add at the moment lot. Coin looking a little bit. Bearish but Nathan break. Yesterday's lows can be said veils probably. As really needs to break down a little bit that needs to break lower than totals. Forty Avi to really continue with that. My mentioned to that down saw I am keeping an eye out after little breakouts and whatnot. Say if on with some of these markets when that little sort of saw advise momentum wise move in that big picture slowly coming down I will look for little breakout problem. Tightening also taught start with minimize risk position I'm just waiting for. It's just not right there right now. Bonnets at a pretty good diet so that two point six percent up still very solid by still very messy little bit support sitting down at fifteen dollars seventy five. Nothing much to rework with as of just yet cod. Donna had a great day yesterday. Very strong bats five point four three percent off it was on the Diane. That trend still looks quite good. As a matter of fact Kadan wouldn't surprise me at all. The did push on higher to diet close yesterday about five cents five point three cents and the day before you got to remember it closes its lows and it closed just above. Foshan so big bounce back there from I which is one of the stronger trends. At at the moment it must be said a therion classic coming in now well. It's looking a little bit spooky. The trend is noise as six dollars and ninety one cents to go to break above there. If we can do that I will have pushed us. Oh to a high to go with a high or low. Yesterday's train was nice. You know I pushed on three point. Four five percent. It closed up little going on rotten evidence up to get above that six dollars. Ninety one cent mark there is an uptrend are on that four hour and I will continue to keep an eye on tron yesterday a a guy three point four percent up closing at one point four seven cents but again a very very messy ugly shot and that's the top ten guys. There's only going on there really isn't it's it's coal on. Its tried against Bitcoin. Tom Season at the moment. Why well tell you? Rotten al the treads. Just of the the The the also be moving very very well. Some very big. You know. We're talking about movies. In the twenty percents thirty percents honnor percents of some very ennis's within the markets have a bit of volume two. So it's some. It's it's something to be considered and thought through sagoes he's take cats psyche. Tom no rush at the moment. Don't forget the You WanNa get across and you WanNa get yourself stuck into that free call. Trajkovic DOT COM forward slash. Okay cakes gift to you is really paying for. You can ask me questions. You can revise things. You might have done this before do it again. Repetition asked me questions. Let's see what we can do together getting there now because we starting on Thursday. I don't worry if you miss the live. Viewing I will be letting you know all the recordings oil you need to do is make sure you registered and if you count bit if the law version well the recording guys have a fantastic dowse beach again very often now..

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