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This is all a function of what people do


A water park re opening without the governor's approval many not wearing masks the same trend seen on California's beaches despite sunbathing bands and mass requirement the Minnesota department of health says Twin Cities icy use are nearly full not just because of covert nineteen cases but also from an influx in new admissions mainly from people who are now getting elective surgeries which the state just started to allow again Minnesota governor Tim Walz says the state's expecting a pecan cases ahead even as some restrictions are eased Minnesotans would be climbing the peak in summer and that we are still on the way up we're not at that peak yeah with numbers trending down in New York state governor Andrew Cuomo says it's the behavior of you the citizen who decides what reopen I want people to know where we are with these criteria and that's why they're on the website and I encourage people to go look at them every day they are controlling what's happening this is all a function of what people do this is nothing to do with government nothing to do with anything out if another contact tracing workers are on the job more New York counties will reopen Tuesday says Cuomo new details about this week shooter at a shopping center in Glendale Arizona three victims were wounded Wednesday night ABC's Alex stone according to preliminary investigative information obtained by ABC news the F. B. I. has opened a counterterrorism investigation into the case suspect Armando Hernandez junior allegedly expressed violent extremist ideology involving being what's called an incel for being involuntarily celibate but interviews with them indicated that ideology was not a motive for the

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This is all a function of what people do

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