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Live on the Montgomery County public school website Georgetown basketball coach in NBA great Patrick Ewing has tested positive for covert nineteen he's being treated at a local hospital six fifty two now looking to get a corona virus test in Fairfax county Bailey's elementary school in falls church will host a drive through testing site tomorrow John so **** with the Fairfax county health department says the site will look to test about fifteen hundred people and you do not need a doctor's referral to get tested at this site tomorrow it opens at ten AM so **** says you better get there early Fairfax self hosted another site at Annandale high school the site reach capacity just before one o'clock it's been months now since restaurants were open and that's a long time for restaurant employers employees not to work but restaurants in one DC neighborhood have come together to offer up some of the recipes in a cookbook and if you buy one the money is spent will go directly to help the workers out it's a unique fundraising idea from the restaurants around the yards park there's so many great chef driven restaurants down at the yards and we thought that people might enjoy trying to make some of those recipes at home Joe Frederick as a director of marketing for Brookfield properties I'd like to hear wind has released their super amazing guacamole recipe and if you prefer one from one of the nominees for best chef in this year's Grammys Khloe has released a really awesome burrata with that cheese and pomegranate vinaigrette the cookbook is for sale online ten Bucks and you have them right on your phone or tablet there in the kitchen and all the proceeds benefit the yards restaurant virtual tip jar jondo men WTOP news we got a link to that cookbook at WTOP dot com six fifty three sheltering in place is not easy all

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Cozi TV you can also watch it

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