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Americans to take other precautions throughout the Memorial Day weekend you can go out you can be outside you can play golf you can go to the beach is if you say six feet apart but remember that that is your space and that's the space that you need to protect CBS news correspondent Nicole Killian joins me now from the White House Nicole we heard the president at peace talk about overriding the governor's but for so many months now he's been saying it's up to the governors to set these lockdown guidelines does the president have the authority to override these governors well you know the White House so wouldn't really respond to that when asked repeatedly what authority the president may have to try to do this instead the White House press secretary simply replied that the president is being clear that he wants these churches to re open and that he is strongly encouraging these governors to allow places of worship to re open that being said you know this continues to be this tug of war between the federal and state governments being clearly a lot of governors have continued to re open their states that based on it you know what they think is best and we're certainly seeing as much when it comes to this issue of churches that for instance illinois' governor says that his state will continue to be guided by science all this we also know in California the governor there is planning to issue his own set of guidelines for religious gatherings come Monday so again this is just kind of part of this stuff push and pull that we've seen over and over again between the president and the governors but that being said certainly the president has been very clear that he does want this return to normalcy and we're even seeing as much today you know the president went out golfing to his golf club out in Virginia today this the first time he's done this in about two and a half months as certainly getting some criticism for that amid the rising death toll but still you know even as own coronavirus task force coordinator said you know it's OK for folks to get out this weekend and clearly the president taking that advice have we heard from many religious organizations have they waited are they in support of the president's proposal to open up and allow churches and places of worship to congregate well you know there certainly is some debate among the religious community you know on one hand does use news is talk to a number of evangelical leaders who were quite integral into helping other White House and craft has some of these and guidelines and had input and were consulted on this and so they for the most part are pleased and have been pushing the president to re open churches but on the other hand you know there are other major religious organizations of for instance the National Council of churches a sent a statement out yesterday urging extreme caution and cautioning that this process should not be rushed we've seen other denominations as well put out statements saying you know not so fast so certainly there is some concern among many in the faith community but others so who are moving forward you know after the present left Friday's briefing Dr Deborah Burke's expressed some concern over a high number of positive coping nineteen test water in those areas and how is the president's administration tackling these new hot spots well that's right you know doctor burns did say that the amount of illness is decreasing in the country but she did express some concern about some of possible in new metropolitan hot spots including Los Angeles and Chicago and here in Washington DC which has the highest number of that test positive cases in the country right now and that's even despite a stay at home orders and so and doctor Burke said at a given that you know she definitely wants to look into that she wants the centers for disease control to look at why that may be happening I will not turn to China right now I know secretary of state Mike Pompeii always been very critical of China calling their move in Hong Kong to try to take over their death knell for the city's autonomy isn't likely the White House will pressure China to back at back down especially during the midst of this pandemic what are you hearing from White House officials yeah well we haven't really the president on this you know within the last twenty four hours but as you mentioned certainly the secretary of state has been quite forceful in his remarks as specifically asking Beijing to reconsider here and of course this measure that's being proposed by China with really prohibited for bed succession is and subversive activity as well as foreign interference of course this comes up following all those pro democracy demonstrations that we saw in Hong Kong a late last year so that being said certainly there is concern from the administration about this and this comes on top of tensions that were already seeing between the US and China specifically as it relates to the pandemic of the vice president in a new interview this morning with a conservative outlets at Breitbart news said that to you know China has let the world down as far as the World Health Organization is concerned and that China will be held accountable for how it's handled this pandemic you know few weeks ago I spoke to timber Todd who's with the president's reelection campaign he specifically told me to call that he they want to go after Joe Biden on China for being weak and there's a new ad now that Biden is saying that it's actually the president who is weak on China will play for you that coronavirus came trump froze like a deer in the headlights.

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