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Asterias memo Susan rice allegedly sent yourself is finally been to classify


They collected they don't withhold information from the incoming president and Tucker offices to use this information to investigate the next instruction to undermine it it's it's it's really a very serious violation of the whole system of government if if they had concerns about general Flynn they had to tell the next administration about the coach told president trump and vice president pence and call me a minute later he that he withheld information from Attorney General sessions about Russia also this is it this is an effort by and outgoing ministration to undermine to destroy incoming administration what has this ever happened in our nation's history before we do have that outgoing president spying on the incoming president I think it's a precedent and it's interesting that when an eight piece cut intelligence service was set up after World War two there were real concerns it could be used to spy on the American people then in nineteen seventy five act was implemented protection to put in place to make it harder for NSA to spy on the American people there were strong winds but nobody conceived of the

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Asterias memo Susan rice allegedly sent yourself is finally been to classify

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