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Rob & Akiva Need a Podcast #84: Rob & Akiva Watch Eddie - burst 04


You've just becoming the coach of the New York Knicks. I mean to go from just being a rabid sports fan to catching the attention of the new owner of team and put in a management position of that team. Is that not Waking Dream yes It's certainly not a nightmare. Because it wouldn't be you know. I think. I think it is with the slight caveat that I would rather be the GM than the coach. Yes that is that is definitely my dream. Certainly when I was a kid that was what I would you know. Even as a kid I couldn't fantasize about like being in the NBA. That would have been ridiculous though so. I think that would be a dream. Here's the plot of Eddie. It takes place in an alternate universe where it's one thousand nine hundred ninety six. The Knicks are garbage and nobody goes to any games at Madison Square Garden. It's a little weird because they're not going to. I don't know why they wouldn't just choose another team. But I guess sexier to have the Knicks by the Knicks. Were very good in one. Thousand nine hundred. The Knicks are six. This is dimension where there's no Patrick Ewing the Knicks. The Knicks Stink and they have just been bought by a brand new owner and I wonder Akiva that I have a theory because that I would have I would have to say that to what degree it was the Dolan family involved with the filming of this movie. They're filming this at. Why don't think he buys the next until after ninety six? Oh who owns the Nixon is ninety six? Like I'm not sure I look that up but it was. I don't think Goin bar until the late nineties and the scenes johnny diesel very points out. The scenes are actually filmed in Charlotte and made to look like MSG. Oh Okay so. It's not even real. Msg Now they did me to get. If you're using the real team jerseys you do need to get licensing from the team in the League and this is not a very racy movie so it's usually easy to get usually give it to you if you're not having the players doing things well. I thought that maybe was this some sort of like that the Dolans of felt like Hey You WanNa see what happens when new owners come in. See what see. We'll see what happens. You think the grass is greener. How about this but yeah you're right? It looks like cable. Vision buys the knicks or so buys half of the Knicks for six hundred fifty million in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven and then I guess. Does Jim Dolan end up getting sole ownership after? That's okay so. This is a pre Dole in era knicks franchise. But Anyway Whoopi Goldberg is Edwina. She works for some sort of a taxi dispatch and she is the world's biggest Knicks Fan. Yes we see her announcing and this is also a universe where everyone in the world only cares about the knicks who are also terrible. 'cause she announces the Knicks Games on the dispatch machine to Oliver Drivers. Yes meanwhile MARV Albert is featured heavily in this universe. He is still calling Knicks. Games a massive miss. This is really only for me and Robert Massive Miss not having Mike Francesa and the mad dog. Yeah about Eddie or talked about the Knicks for a minute raises that they do end up having some wfan but we ended up seeing Walt Clyde Frazier on wfan. Then Walk Clyde Frazier ever host on W. Fan. Not He may have but I definitely don't remember now. What club pressure. People don't know is a legendary Knicks player and a very long time knicks announcer. Who has been on a million commercials and his most famous probably now forty is incredibly Loud suits Oh say and he does just for men with

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Rob & Akiva Need a Podcast #84: Rob & Akiva Watch Eddie - burst 04

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