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President discussed on Route 66 on KMOX with Johnny Rabbitt


Interests closer and closer to one hundred thousand people did start flocking to beaches parks and why president trump golf courses he and the First Lady planned to visit Baltimore's fort McHenry national monument and historic shrine Morial day but officials there say they hope he won't hear WJZ TV is Kelsey Kushner mayor Jack young says president trump's decision to pursue nonessential travel sends the wrong message in a statement he says I wish that the president as our nation's leader would set a positive example and not travel during the holiday weekend some neighbors agree I just think it's a kind of hypocritical that we're all trapped inside and the president thinks it's okay for himself to travel meanwhile governor Larry Hogan welcomed the news of the president's visit saying in a statement they're honored for the visit and although Marylanders are encouraged not to gather in large numbers this year now more than ever it's important to reflect on American heroes I'm with Sunday morning coming up and president trump insisting on the re opening of churches and other houses of worship turn off there will be closely watched around the country Minnesota's governor Tim Walz's churches in Minnesota can start welcoming parishioners on Wednesday up to a quarter of capacity with social distancing guideline many of these congregations have gone to great lengths to think about this I would also like to say many have made a choice and will continue to make the choice to not open for large gatherings and to continue like my parish of pilgrim Lucerne ought to continue to do things virtually Americans coronavirus victim totals now above ninety seven thousand then as it approaches a hundred thousand the Sunday New York times has a front page with no pictures just brief life stories of one thousand of them about one percent of our relatives friends and neighbors who did not survive with the rest of us have so far mark we see the times national editor either every day it all who weren't living life and then it and that next drop and they're now gone and we that's what we wanted to get across a spectacular fire along one of the most famous and popular tourist sites in San Francisco fisherman's wharf port authorities Randy Quezada one of the things that we love along the waterfront is our historic peers so this is a big loss but we are grateful for the fact that there was no loss of life and that we were able to preserve the rest of our historic treasures that our house there wholesalers on the pier already on ice because of the pandemic told the San Francisco Chronicle the seafood industry didn't need this now CBS is Michael George this is CBS news you can listen to CBS news radio twenty four hours a day seven days a week on radio dot com or the radio dot com app download it today I've always wanted to learn another language but every time I try it never sticks so I decided to give babyliss try and I really like the teaching method of the app I started with the beginner lesson on Babel and it starts with simple words and phrases and soon you're putting those words into a conversation each lesson takes about ten to fifteen minutes and they're all really different which keeps things interesting the app is really smart it actually keeps track of the words I'm struggling with so I can practice them and get better I just babble because it was created by real language teachers they built it around real life how people actually communicate and what they care about I.

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President discussed on Route 66 on KMOX with Johnny Rabbitt

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