7 Damaging Behaviours of Unsuccessful People


Hi this is developed. And you're listening to Flash CAST BY PDB. And today. I want to talk about habits. That make unsuccessful people in something that I get asked a lot is. What are the common findings that you see? People that actually are not successful. Or what makes people not basic says for what traits what commonalities and these questions have been done brought forward to me a few times now and suppose the opposite side of that is by insuring that you conscious of the things. I'm about to talk about that election. We can become very successful. But we're going to hone in on what habits and traits make people unsuccessful and. It's no particular order just a few things that I've absorbed sometimes have had this in my own time where having succeeded in things I can. I can put it down to some of these traits and one is confidence. I find that anytime. I haven't succeeded in something or when people don't succeed is when you get overconfident. It's good to be self-assured it's very important to success that you are self assured but being too confident can mean that You Miss Things you you know you're error of judgement can be put out an I. I learned that in two thousand seventeen where I was some other confidence somebody else's ability in what they can do Ended ended up not working in default. Just paint a little bit more careful and not too confident in this situation than my judgment would have been better but you know it's something that I do find in others and let's face it. Nobody LIKES SOMEBODY. Who's to overconfidence? So one to be aware of you know and and differently Sean. Through and unsuccessful people Another one is ownership as power People are trying to get people to Take ownership of something is important but once if somebody owns too much they believe that it's their power they rot to being control and I find that. This trait doesn't work well because when when people most want people to take ownership of something they need to make sure that in play the power. Kat and I'll see many situations where people have played. The power cod an only resulting in not not achieving success and other one is then we all have people sometimes in our lives that do this but they believe they have all the answers you know. You don't always have the answers. And I find that unsuccessful. People sometimes believe that they have the answers. All the time you know it it normally people would normally habit if something goes really. Well it'll them and if it goes wrong somebody else in and the the tripe that are really hide is when somebody asks you a question then finishes once you give them the answer with. Oh yes I know that I was just checking. Well if you knew it did you asked me believe that you have all the answers and that is Your highway to being unsuccessful and other one is refusing to learn. I voice put myself in. Learning mode are constantly. Say Tomorrow better than today. And that is all about learning of ocean evolving the concept of heading a growth mindset versus a fixed mindset refusing to learn will make you unsuccessful we need to evolve as humans we need to evolve our brains at the more we learn the more we earn. We need to make sure we're constantly in. Growth Mindset are refusing to learn is definitely on that same highway to being unsuccessful. Taint goes with the concept of people that go. It's my way or no way we hit. It was my way of the highway near either with me. Or you're against me against again. This is not growth mindset. This doesn't break any loyalty from people. This does not breed loyalty from friendships from workers from co workers from PS. It's not in anyone's best interest for you to have the the mindset of my way or no way and again it'll put you on that vehicle unsuccess- it will not put the people around you. That need to be there and of course it will shut you down to listening to great ideas and comments even criticism. Which is there to help you become better. So the whole concept of my way or no way is a no go zone. Another one see stardom focused where people get this. You know notoriety that want to be someone they wanna be something gum in today's Day and age with media and all the rest of it. We're told that we need to be a celebrity to be glorified. We need to be somebody we need to be out there. We need to be stopped in that style light. We need to be shining every recognition. You know some more than others run likes to to have that notoriety some more than others but it's got to be authentic you need to heaven will fintech public image if you want to be successful. No-one signed not to put yourself out there. I've done it. It's been part of my brand. It's worked for me. Will it serves me well but it has to be measured. It has to be right up an atomic on this. You put yourself out there too much But again you learn from it and it's all about keeping an authentic it's about keeping the image orthodontic and the last one touch on is people that are going one hundred miles. An hour so unsuccessful people going hundred miles an hour and not bringing people with them. So you must bring your people with you. Find that when people are unsuccessful. It's because not bringing people along on that journey and again you know one person alone can't turn will steer ship. It takes many people you know we orlands. We cannot achieve greatness alone. It is a team work so you need to make sure you bring your people with you so again in particular. There's some of the traits that I find a prevalent in people that being unsuccessful. Some of them. I've I've been guilty of an are trying to stay very conscious of. Its about bad not being that. Stop them focused. I'm not going full steam ahead. In not adopting the attitude of my way or no way constantly learning said refuse to learn have that growth mindset and believe in evolution. Now I don't have all the answers all the time to everything that you ask. No I'M NOT GONNA use ownership as power and don't be overconfident and you'll find that if you address these things you will be on that journey to success because unsuccessful people do show those traits amongst others but In answering you know listeners questions that have asked me what do I believe? Shine in unsuccessful. People will this six or seven traits. That I believe make people unsuccessful when they're not conscious of themselves in and I believe that the best thing that we can ever do as humans is to keep constantly learning and evolving. We're GONNA MAKE MISTAKES WE'RE GONNA slip up. It's part of the journey but we need to be very conscious of who we are where we are and what we're doing. We need to be conscious of why we need to make sure that we're constantly putting ourselves in learning mode surrounding ourselves with the raw people and that success means different things to different people and that's so important for people to understand that the concept of success is different to different people and as I discussing other words you need to write down personally professionally and family. What does success look like to grab three pieces of paper head them with personal professional and family at outline what success in each of those areas looks like for you and then taking some of those topics? We've just discussed those traits on unsuccessful. Make sure that You're not applying them. Make sure that you're conscious that that is not you and that those behaviors. Not Tom Happening within you. And you'll find that you'll be on that journey to success but remember that success is personal. Success is all about you achieving and being you want to be in your personal life in your professional life and in your family live it. It's not what somebody else wants you to achieve. It's not what somebody else needs you to achieve aids you want to be in. It's something that we should be doing with children From a young age. And if you don't have children things you should be sharing with other people with your friends with the appears with your nephews nieces. Cousins share it with anybody that successes personal and a great way to go about this people to identify what success looks like personally professionally and family and understanding that those three areas make up. Somebody's life and to give attention two or three areas.

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