Philadelphia - Lancaster Authorities Charged Man In Kidnapping Of Missing Amish 18-Year-Old Linda Stoltzfoos As Search For Teen Continues


Authorities have charged the man and the kidnapping of an 18 year old Amish woman went missing nearly three weeks ago and she was walking home from church y w infinitely reports The woman has not yet been found, and police are asking for the public's help. 18 year old Linda Stoltzfus was reported missing by her father after she didn't make it to a youth group She was supposed to attend on June 21st surveillance video obtained by Police show Stolz What's being abducted by someone in a red Kia as she was walking home from Church on Beach Deal Road in the wrong Syria. The Lancaster district attorney's office says that car belongs to 34 year old just a smoker. Witnesses in the area say they saw an Amish girl in the passenger side of a vehicle that matched the description of smokers on the day of starts. Fruits abduction On Friday, investor Later searched a rule location where they believe she might have been taken after being kidnapped. They say smokers vehicle was seen parked at that location two days after she went missing. Investigators also discovered clothing they believe belonged to Stolz Foods buried in the woods smoker has been charged with felony kidnapping in a misdemeanor for false imprisonment. Authorities say it's still unclear what happened after the woman was kidnapped, but they believe she was harmed. Anyone with information is asked to call police and minutely KOW news

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