Shootings surge in Chicago, New York City


It is now the fourth consecutive weekend of Children being fatally shot Chicago. This time boy, 15 years old among nine dead, 30 wounded. Chicago gun violence increases Year to year shootings there appeared a year Murders are up. New York City. Saw 15 shootings in a 15 hour span. Put in the New York Post. Among those killed a one year old boy. Is among four people shot at a cookout near Brooklyn Park. Four victims were wounded when a shooter possibly in a passing vehicle, says the New York Post opened fire in their direction. At 11:35 p.m. You're the Raymond Bush playground. At Madison Street and Marcus Garvey Boulevard in Bed Stuy. Baby was hit in the stomach. Take her to the hospital. Where he's expected to survive. Freeman Age is 27 35 36. Also hospitalized expected to survive. Meanwhile, New York City City Hall protesters I wanted The New York Post attack, a New York Post reporter. And cops did nothing. Quote an occupied city hall. Protesters smacked in on duty post reporter in the face with a two by four on Sunday in the view of dozens of NYPD cops who didn't lift a finger to help. And even refused to take a complaint of the crime. A journalist is named Kevin Sheehan was using a cell phone to shoot a video of the demonstration. One of hundreds of people stronger now reduced around 50 On a public street across a metal barrier when one protester Didn't like it. Put the blank camera down, sneered the demonstrator as he swung the two by four at she in multiple times, knocking his phone to the pavement and striking him in the face. Many within the encampment, according to the New York Post, laughed while one woman could be heard calling. All right, all right as a way to break it up. Open on the cops, so much has moved in the direction of the attack. As a man responsible wearing a Brooklyn Nets T shirt. Bearing Tyree Irving's number 11. Disappeared into the encampment. 15 shootings in a 15 hour span. Including a 21 year old man fighting for his life after being shot in the head while sitting in a car. In Sheepshead Bay early Sunday. It's 43 shootings so far in the week more than tripled last year's tally of 13 over the same period, according to

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