What bogus stuff? Dr. Jane Appleby, chief medical officer. Or Methodist Hospital and Methodist Children's Hospital.

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Last week On Wednesday, President Trump intensified his demand that school's fully open fully reopen this fall. And he slammed the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Pressuring it to loosen guidance and threatening to cut funding for schools that do not open. And let me be clear, vice President, Pence said. The president said today We don't want guidance to be too tough. And their reasons. Next week. The CDC is going to be issuing a new set of tools. They're not You're sticking with a set of tools they have And you and I know this administration is finding it nearly impossible. To control the situation. And, of course, the president's views. Often her odds with those of his health advisers. Look at his argument. Now a doctor Fauci The decision making rests by the way on money. With each state. 4158080 A temp. But this is the one that got to me. This story broke today. And I really want your comments on it. I really want to know what you think about it. Internal documents. From the U. S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Are now warning that fully reopening K through 12 schools. And universities and colleges. Would be the highest risk for the spread of Corona virus. This is what the CDC is saying at the same time. That President Trump and his administration push for students and teachers to return in person to classrooms. The 69 page document. Was for internal use only, but it leaked to the press. Thank God, there are people who weak things.

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