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Sweet $1600 & Earl Thomas Scandal (Ep. 821)


Then they did and then they won the game. They drove down the clock management but scored with eight seconds left. Yeah and if you listen to the highlight over. Ecu podcasts has an instagram and watch actions. Were we're freaking out? 'cause I I wanted the bangles to win. Because it was kind of makes citing storyline and I had them plus sixteen. It was never in doubt the clocks going down and they had the ravens head timeouts. And we're like what are they doing? What are they call a play they get? I think he hits Willie steed in the back of the end zone touchdown then they go for to get it. So they're up thirty to twenty seven with eight seconds to go and then they kick it off and we were just on our part of the show. We just did his podcast where What's it called? Remember that game. Yeah and we remembered the game between the one of the Games we. We did a lot of giants. Eagles Games And of course we broke down miracle in the meadowlands two point. Oh and really all they had to do with not kick it to Cam Phillips the Bengals returner and he took it to the house. We seen mensing return past the forty yard. Line the entire mayhem and then this one goes to. That House has time and we're just lose it our minds it was. It was amazing. I didn't think we would actually see I. I didn't think we'd see it. I didn't I didn't think we see it situation where the key we've not even seen a good return you know. We haven't even seen like ooh he got to the fifty nothing so to see that. That was pretty awesome. I mean now looking back on the first round Sean Joe Borough to a advance only herbert of the of the rookie. Crap I mean not counting. Enjoying love has advanced. But he wasn't playing but only only Herbert who had to go up against Patrick. Mahomes of course is going home. And he had one of the best days of any quarterback with three hundred seventy yards and four touchdowns and Herbert did cover. The spread covered the ten and a half and in spite of the fact that the chiefs tried to kick a sixty one yard field goal that they didn't need a kick as time expired to possibly cover that ten and a half and it's just been again. I thought DJ madness. That was that was that was the peak of simulation where buzzer beater after buzzer beater. And we're just going nuts and then to see a game and like this. I mean I've Seen buzzer-beaters obviously watching college and basketball but I've never seen a play. I mean the only thing that would be similar is maybe the music city miracle but even that that play at least was like drawn out and there was a crazy. Walk off kickoff return. It doesn't happen too often. It's pretty insane and and early that earlier that day not to hone in on the AFC north night but the earlier that day when we were pre Previewing the first Cleveland at Pittsburgh we I told everyone that Pittsburgh Baltimore is the matchup that everyone would want based on his historical significance but Cleveland. Cincinnati would be a close second. Of course I was joking. What ends up happening while we get my joke. This is the full full blown cram. Fm L. Tour. Well anything else I mean I know we had an epoch debt night that night anything else we want to touch on obviously the NFC's night went so poorly that we hijacked the third place game. It will now be eagles giants yet to determine where we're GONNA play that I. Maybe we play in the Pro Bowl stadium. That's one of the options you can play in the pro bowl stadium. Well Overall Kramer you made a bit of a comeback on me. I got cold but Cincinnati bailed me out at the end there of a week to put you. You made up some ground. I'm still up two units but I think that's mostly a carryover for a DJ madness and the Pittsburgh. Cleveland game was actually really good and it was really bizarre with the wind. The wind seemed like the deciding factor. Pittsburgh was up What was it like twenty one to six and the browns at twenty nine unanswered points with some bizarre ponds that really made a difference in Rothlisburger through a pick six so that was crazy and I.

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