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Morning to you, Marcus. You know this Fourth of July weekend, Two Children were killed by gunfire. Those Children now among 14 people killed and a total of 77 people shot over the holiday weekend since Friday, and tragically, it's the third weekend in a row where Children have been killed by gunfire, the youngest victim from this weekend with seven year old Natalia Wallace. She was attending a family Fourth of July party Saturday night when she was shot in the forehead. Family says she went outside to play just two minutes prior to being shot. It happened in the city's Austin neighborhood in the 100 block of North Patrol around seven on July 4th policing. More than 20 rounds were fired and another man was injured. They do have video from that shooting, and it shows three men exiting a white vehicle. 14 year old boy also killed and seven others shot that same day in Inglewood. Police say four men fired into a crowd of people watching fireworks over on carpenter. Chicago was already in the midst of a surgeon. In gun violence Prior to the holiday weekend,

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