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The great things about our bright side of life segment is that the tougher


There is there are signs of hope these young people you look at the crowds that are marching in peace you see young people who are ill in thirty years and younger and they're not just African Americans or people of color the vast majority in some of these marches are white people white kids so there really is an aspiration it seems to me to want to roll up their sleeves and get to work and I was told taken by how many of these young people came around town here downtown where I live and and took brooms and cleaned up places black and white kids working together I thought it was really just extraordinary in a sign of hope you know the first funeral for George Lloyd was held today in Minneapolis and al Sharpton the defense of the public figure but he's also a Reverend he gave the eulogy and it was actually a really beautiful eulogy and he talked about how there is a time you know it when he gets down about these things if he if Reverend Jackson always told him you know go back to the scripture now your scripture and he goes back to the notion of there's a season right at times season for everything and that maybe this is the moment because he's been so disappointed so many other times I think we all as of Americans when these things happen and they seem to be happening at least once a decade

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