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I do. China covering. Mile John is working very hard, working very very hard and I think it's GonNa. Work out fine. Why should the world? Health Organization be criticized for taking president cheese word for it when president trump did the exact same thing. Well. There's a big difference between the health experts who are supposed to be in on the ground, and have the expertise to figure out what's happened with this pandemic and world leaders who are being told one thing so the World Health Organization should have been on the ground. They should have been. They should have found out what happened. They were repeating. Not just information like the president said that things will. Will be okay, but there's no human to human transmission. They criticize the travel ban that probably saved a million Americans when president trump courageously band traveled from China early on in the in the crisis, when many people were against it, and he was called a racist for doing it, but that's not where it started. It wasn't a full program of course You know we let. Americans come home, so. So you're right, we did let Americans come home and I think I think everyone agrees with that, but but look this is not the first time the WHO is bungled. A pandemic response bungled things going all the way back to AIDS HIV in Africa. And that's why the United States has spent over the past twenty years one hundred and forty two billion dollars on public health, especially the pet far program. Program that's literally saving the lives with antiretroviral drugs. It's millions of people in Africa and we're going to do the same thing. We're just not going to run that money through the corrupt. WHO WE'RE GONNA. Make sure it goes to the Red Cross. Frontlines spills all over the world, so we're going to spend the same amount of public health. We're just not doing it through the corrupt whol for now. The Republican senator who runs the Health Committee in the Senate Lamar Alexander said in a statement that withdrawing from the WHO could potentially lethal consequences for the American people saying quote. I disagree with the President's decision. Withdrawing US membership could among other things interfere with clinical trials that are essential to the development of vaccine's which citizens of the United States as well as others in the world need. Couldn't this decision hurt the American people now listen. We're GONNA spend the same amount of money in the clinical trials are going on for the vaccine for covert or not being done under the auspices of the. Show here in America there. Being done by great American companies and great American researchers and we're going to get a vaccine. We're going to go therapeutic and we're going to beat this. Disease that was unleashed on us and came from China, but the WHO? Needs Reform and I want. The president said is the WHO reforms and ends the corruption and ends the reliance on China. The US very seriously consider coming back, but in the meantime we're to take that. Four hundred and forty million dollars at the US spends compared to the forty million that the. Chinese spend the W. H.. O.. And we're GONNA, make sure it gets to frontline healthcare workers just like we're doing with pep far in Africa. The WHO isn't saving lives for for. For AIDS and HIV victims in Africa. It's the the United States are generous tax payers saving those lives in Africa, and we're not doing it through the WHO we're doing it as United States of America, we're GONNA. Take that same money and make sure it gets the Doctors Without Borders, and the Red Cross and the and the hospitals all over the world that need it and doesn't go through a corrupt international organization that's controlled by the Chinese Communist Party. That's for sure. Of Cayenne pepper wonderful started by President George W, Bush ambassador O'Brien. Thank you so much for your time this morning. We really appreciate it.

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