Clint Smith - burst 06



Homes can be built with that. Only certain people are allowed to move in to the neighborhood without actually saying only certain people can move into the neighborhood, because obviously we know of the relationship between wealth and race I think in I want to be clear that it is not an easy thing. These these things are not. They're not easy I don't expect to say those things, and then to to have people say oh, yeah, like I'm just GonNa flip the flip of a switch and I'm going to. It's going to be an easy thing, but like part of what we have to do is is unlearn so much of what we've been taught every single day, and it's an active thing like a couple years ago, like woke became the new with the sort of nomenclature. Caricature of itself now, but but I used to tell people like woke is actually a helpful framework because it suggests that you sort of cross some threshold, and like oh now you now you're good now you get it rather than like a constant process of waking up like any something that all of us have to do and it's. It's an eight proactive process of both looks and learning so much of what we've been taught about the world and how we move within it. And

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