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From Chicago. This is film spotting. I'm Adam are and I'm Josh Larsen. Every magic trick consists of three parts first. Paul is cool. The pledge magician shows you sound olery columns bird or May that was Michael Cain right. We're done with the trip. That was Michael. Cain with some of the opening narration from Christopher Nolan's The prestige we revisit the directors fifth feature as part of our Nolan who've review this week in addition to that we're going to recommend to new films that recently came to the od the vast of night and the painter and the thief that more. Are you watching closely ahead on film spotting? Welcome to film spotting. Josh in an alternate timeline. We'd be spending this post Memorial Day weekend show singing the praises most likely of fast and furious nine. Oh Yeah I'm sure I'm sure we'd both be huge fans I haven't been keeping up with. What would have been released because it mostly depresses me. So this is to me after nine atom as the as the real fans would call it. Don't let Debbie here that that was supposed to come out because she'd probably forced me into a fast and furious marathon at home in memory of it instead. Of course we are talking about films new. Vod We're going to do a little golden brick spotting in this episode. Indeed there are two new films that meet the criteria for our golden brick or D- that's are overlooked or under unforeseen film of the year. Honor that we give to a mostly newer at least new to US filmmaker. We've both seen the new documentary the painter and the thief and I'm also going to recommend the vast of night that's a low budget sci-fi thriller that comes to Amazon Prime this weekend. Of course we're also pinning all our hopes of summer movie season on the theoretically opening tenant the latest from Christopher Nolan. Somehow the word theoretically there just seems so appropriate when talking about Christopher Nolan Anyway. That is still scheduled as of this recording anyway to come to theaters on July seventeenth seven. Seventeen chosen for being a gallon. Drome like the title of the film. Josh I'm sure that you knew that and we can trust. Christopher Nolan is GonNa try to be Oh so clever. Right yes now. A surprise. Our Own Nolan who've review which has revisiting all of Nolan's films is currently scheduled to wrap up in time for that July seventeen release otherwise all of this preparations going to be for naught. Joshua we need ten to get to the big screen in the meantime. We're going to get to his two thousand six film. The Prestige perform this feat in a manner and never before seen by yourselves or any other audience anywhere in the world. Odeon SELECTA is trees topnotch. You'd celebrate a real magician. Tries to weaver something you got something other. Magicians will scratch their heads over spoke. You have such a tweet as you're gonNA remember me for what happened. Just mentioned triggered overseen. I need to know how he does it. He has no. It's real every great. Magic trick consists of three acts. The first act is called the pledge every Great Christopher Nolan movie consists of three parts or acts. The first part is called the pledge. The filmmaker shows you something ordinary with his fifth feature set in late nineteenth century London. It's two rival. Magicians Hugh Jackman sophisticated. Showman. Robert in Jira and Christian Bale's committed professional Alfred. Borden the filmmaker shows you these characters. Perhaps he asks you to watch them to see if they are indeed real on altered normal but of course they probably aren't. The second is called the turn. The filmmaker takes these characters and makes them part of something. Extraordinary are period piece becomes gothic science fiction a meditation on the moral limits of science in pursuit of knowledge the consequences of obsession. Now you're looking for the secret but you won't find it because of course you're not really looking. You don't really want to know. You WANNA BE FOOLED. But you wouldn't clap yet because one of our magicians finally winning isn't enough. Our minds have to be blown. That's why every magic trick has a third act. The hardest part the part we call the prestige fairly early. In the film. Bordon's life Sarah played by Rebecca Hall reveals. He's going to be a father. He shows her the trick. That's going to put food on their table. A bullet catch which he performs for her to prove. It's safe like any of us. Observing great trick. She wants to know the secret and insist. She can't comfortably allow him to do it unless she understands the mechanics of it he relents she replies disappointedly once. You know it's so obvious Josh. Any rewatch of the prestige requires that you know the twist and equipped with that knowledge. It does all seem well pretty obvious like Sarah did that Lee disappointed or even more impressed with Nolan sleight of hand. I am really glad you asked this question because it helped me clarify a little bit. It helped me locate one of the reasons. Why and I'll stay at say at the front here. This is still topped here. Nolan for me really love this film. I think it's incredibly strong. But your question. Help me locate one of the reasons why. I might have liked it a little bit less this time around. And it's not so simple as knowing the twists or knowing the surprises because confession. I don't think I watched the prestigious since two thousand six and I had mostly forgotten how everything unfolded now. Yeah the hints and clues pieced together in advance in a way that I did not in. Oh six but it's different from not knowing anything so I was still pretty much in the dark as this movie began. So it's not just that I knew the answers. It's and I'm not sure it disappoints even in terms of its reveals but in comparison is something like as before we started recording. You had mentioned the six cents so comparison to something like that which we did revisit just last year And is another case where it it hugely depends on its reveals. Its twists turns. It surprises

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