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Michael Jordan, Dennis Rodman Dennis Rodman And Carl Malone discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz


Let's just do something else. I'm just glad that before it ended. We were able to hear from Joe. Montana of Godfather. Three believe Mentana is on from Godfather. I'm fine stugatz. After you just started I said three times we were going around the horn on Blah Blah. Blah's ruined it immediately. Sorry I wasn't here for that portion of the pre show staring right at us. You're staring at us. I asked several times before the show started. We all just say Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah about. No one gives me a response. Just sit the segment out STU. Gods album tarred show. Have you ever had a bad feeling about that? Pizza at Lebatardshow. Because Tim Grover was playing the Nigerian vegetable vendor. If you're not familiar oh yeah. Stugatz is the one. We call the Nigerian vegetable vendor because a few years ago there was a Nigerian plays. That was selling human meat and the guy outside who was a vegetable vendor. Said he knew. Something fishy was happening in there. Although he didn't reveal to anybody that it was human meet. Now Tim Grover is telling us he knew that there was something bad. Feeling a bad feeling around that pizza I I also love how they filled in at the very end I think because the documentary was rushed at the end because Jason Air told people that he was making it as it was airing eight nine and ten as it was airing. You finally got to see Michael. Jordan's children That was direct result. I gotta think of the criticism of where the hell is family. And what did they say that? Utah's crowd was hostile. That's all they gave you from Michael Jordan's family life. I feel like I know Steve Kerr's family better than Michael Jordan's famous. I feel like I know the security guards better than Michael Jordan's family they gave you only The kids of Michael Jordan saying The Utah crowd was hostile. What is the matter with Stugatz? Mike honestly like how many times did I say we start we? We talked what we were GONNA do. We were going to go around the horn with everyone saying bla-bla-bla honestly it's on you for starting with sue guides caught on if you went around the horn with someone other than him but I mean you through the first base it sailed at Lebatardshow was how you reach us on the on the polls. I was really surprised. The most surprising thing of the entire ten hour documentary for me was that Michael Jordan was jamming and he took off his headset and he said it was Katie. Lattimore I did not. I did not think that that's what was going to happen there. It's the most stunned that I was. I'm curious whether you think stemming gundy was on with us last week and said Michael Jordan was no great no greater competitor than you don is has lung or JJ rhetoric that obviously. He's more talented than those people. But as a competitor he didn't want it any more than those people. So I'd want you to put on the poll at Lebatardshow is Michael Jordan. More of a competitor than Steve. Kerr yes or no just curious how it is that you guys see the ceiling on how much someone want to win. I think the most surprising thing about the last two hours of the last dance documentary was the idea in the middle of the nineties. America's most popular team that Dennis Rodman had an unexcused absence during the finals to go wrestle like that is that simply flood simply flabbergasting like I. Don't I know Phil Jackson's GonNa end up getting credit for letting Dennis Rodman Dennis Rodman? He certainly squeezed a whole lot out of Dennis Rodman. But the idea that Dennis Rodman district disappeared. You remember that Mike Because you were. You still are an enormous wrestling fan. Do you remember because I did not remember? Dennis Rodman having an unexcused absence during the finals to go partake in the N. W. O. of Hulk. I didn't really know that. The timelines matched up that way. And I'm watching a lot of these these things back and I had no idea that the NBA finals was going on there. I knew the coral malone aspect of wrestling. But I don't know if you notice what happened on social media with Carl Malone. Yesterday I learned a lot more about Karl Malone than I knew and cancelled now. Did we cancel the mailman? Because Damn that's intense which part which part do you want the Colby's wife that I had no idea about The children and who we had them with and the ages of the person impregnated in one specific example and I saw an article and then I learned more about Roger Clements as a spin off. The address got caught up in it and now is Roger. Clemens cancelled again. I don't I you know you start poking around on some of these heroes of yesteryear whether it be David Bowie prints and just if you like them the way that they are. Don't go googling but man I learned a lot about Karl Malone how about Jerry Seinfeld Jerry Seinfeld There's an entire comedy routine by comedian. Whose name I have misplaced Talking about Jerry Seinfeld as a thirty eight year old Taking his seventeen year old girlfriend to high school stopping off classes because the legal age in New York was seventeen. Yeah but thirteen though. Yeah I saw a good tweet from somebody saying that Michael Jordan's act of social justice was not allowing Carl Malone to win a championship. They don't make players that kind of muscular anymore do they. They don't make Carl. Carl Malone muscular cut but Lebron like.

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