Mindfulness for Children With Kamala Alcantara



Good day and welcome to episode two hundred sixty one of live happy now. This is Paul thanking you for joining us again. This week most of us are aware already of how important it is to be able to use tools like mindfulness and meditation to help Create Intercom. But it's tough as it is for adults master. Imagine what it's like for a child. This week's yet has created a way to teach children things like meditation. Mindfulness Yoga and more with the help of some very cute. Ninja bunnies camelot. All Kante is co founder and chief content officer of Ninja focus an APP that helps young children learn breathing techniques. Mindfulness emotional regulation and a lot. More her goal is to help. Strengthen families and motivate children to be kinder were compassionate and happier. Let's hear how Ninja Focus can help them? Do that camelot. Thank you so much for coming on. Live happy now today. Thank you for having me. What you've created is simply amazing and I'm really excited for people to hear about this APP and see what all it can do. Can you kind of start off by talking about your intention behind creating Ninja Focus? Yes of course. Ninja focus as maybe base. Had seen is a mindfulness platform for kids. And we're really targeting. The critical ages of three to ten up to twelve in you know. I'm a huge mindfulness advocate. Because if it's beautiful restorative effects and I was seeing in schools and in homes for my friends in for my family. People who are parents didn't have an effective way to really teach their kids about. Mindfulness and mindfulness is extremely inclusive. Practice if you can you can practice. Mindfulness it's important. That young kids learn to practice mindfulness. Because it's an easy way to help them. Learn to focus on their own by paying attention to their breasts and understanding how to be present observing their own emotions in the moment that way. They're better equipped to respond in a way that's more productive and less emotional when they're feeling things that they don't want to feel and I was seeing APPs that we're taking kids and teaching them how to sleep and Yoga APPs for kids but I couldn't find a holistic platform that could teach kids about mindful eating and compassion and self esteem and really learning. What mindfulness is how they can control their breasts to reduce their stress and anxiety and I wanted to create something super superfund and focused on kids. Where kids could actually pick up the APP or their parents get hand over the tablet and would be healthy screen time. That kids could understand how to navigate the APP and so we built this beautiful cute little Ninja Bunny Mascot and I looked up what the most popular animals were. Kids love animals and also Ninjas so I thought the idea of Ninja bunny and wind ninjas mainly because Ninjas have to focus their silent and they have to pay attention to their surroundings in order to do their job effectively and so kids were able to easily relate to a Ninja so when kids go into the APP. They're able to just pick an emotion. Like how are you feeling today and offered you know if they pick angry? They're offered a guided meditation. That six straight to them about how they're feeling and in a language that's easy for young kids to understand and let me say that that is something that really impressed me about it because you have that whole component of teaching children to identify what they're feeling because I mean sometimes as adults. We haven't even learned how to do that. That you immediately have to start thinking okay. My board and my sad emma which of these things am. I really brilliantly don. How did you come up? With a way to customize it for these different ages because that's what's coral too when you go on there and you can choose the age range that you're in. This is really a a custom tailored experience for each child. Yeah so you know. I was a teacher previously in worked with young children in various capacities whether it be in community service or teaching them yoga or meditation and with kids. The ability to customize is really important especially for their development and so when I was figuring out what the content would look like how kids would consume it. What do I do? I actually called in kids. I called I called appearance. We had one two three hour sessions with individual families in these kids through the different drawings we had at the time and we had a prototype of the APP and so the APP actually looks completely a lot different and when we had input from the kids it really shapes their experience so the APP itself was driven by kids and so the design is set that if a child is under the age of six we noticed in our trials and we're doing research that that age group. Kinda press things so when baby are under six. They're taken to a screen in the APP. Which just a world of. Yoga falls and mindfulness mountains. Meditation rocks in so they're able to just click in explore in find out what they like in for the older kids who kind of understand emotion at that time they are taken directly to the Harry. Feeling screen where they're able to pick how they're feeling in that moment in choose content that is relevant towards how they are feeling and so. That's that's what we did. I ask kids as a kid. You tell me this is for you. This is improving. So that's that's sort of how as directed in its so adorable. We're the artwork. Come FROM SO. It was the work of a team. A design team and we had a lot of kids their input as well and when it comes down to it what I did was we ran a contest on nine designs and we had like a hundred and thirty expert designers submitted these bunny designs and I literally told him. I just WanNa Ninja Bundy. That's cute kids and so we narrowed it down to the top three actually. Open it up to kids that taught in Spain kids. I taught in Phoenix and I. I sent it out on facebook and we had kids choose which money they liked. The most and so kids chose the bunny and sort of the world. An animation Ms Secret Gamer myself. And so I put together a lot of different game designs in looked at what was working for kids and what wasn't working in sort of just drew out this world to designers and they made it happen.

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