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Embracing Uncertainty



NAMA. Stay in welcome. It's really a pleasure to have you with me here again. For another one of our sheltering in love talks and together listening with others from around the world as you know one of the words that we hear again and again in describing. Our current times is the word uncertainty. We're going to be spending some time with this word. It's uncertainty around our bodily safety. An uncertainty around the future of our finances and uncertainty over when and how will ever spend real personal time with our our dear ones uncertainty in terms of our our government whether those who are able to vote in the United States will actually be allowed to many many levels and of course while a lot of people are in. Denial there's that deep shared uncertainty. We have really about the future of life on this precious planet. So it's big it's the undercurrent that's now not only an undercurrent but in the foreground of so many people's experience the truth is that life is always uncertain. That's the bottom line by nature. Everything changes economies coming and governments change and stars get worn die in these very bodies you know do the age they sick and they die. We lose all that we love. It's always uncertain. And yet our daily habits uncovered over so we get lulled into thinking. Okay so this is how it is and then inevitably. Our daily habits get disrupted home. There's an accident tar. Sickness are some long term relationship crashes or some upheaval regarding work or maybe on the societal level. There's the outrage or heartbreak of another publicized. Racist Kelly are a mass shooting. Are Right now this pandemic and they're here we are the bottom falls out and for some time. We can't avoid reality. Life's out of our hands out of control it's uncertain and we feel it and our bodies feel it feels very vulnerable. We have an inner controller that does not like insecurity uncertainty so in reaction when we're stressed our inner controller becomes what. I've often called an over controller. And I know you know what I'm talking about. You probably know your own over controller when the mind gets narrowed fixated and obsessive and always trying to figure things out fixings and then when we in our over controller were also blaming others are trying to control others but were mostly mentally caught in the state of fearful anticipation. The word worry the Anglo Saxon roots are strangle so we get caught in the over controller. And of course our body goes along for the ride when we're in our over controller muscles tighten. Our shoulders might go up or billy titans which of course effects digestion. 'cause we have all that tightness in our body we also can get fatigued the over controllers exhausting and then the heart murmur in our over controller the heart either numb or anxious. And so we're not so porous and able to to give and receive love so what I'd like to explore tonight is to reflect on on facing uncertainty and by that I mean both the glaring unknowns of current time sued also just that that ongoing background anxiety. We have about change about loss that that's always here so our inquiry really is. How do we let go of our resistance to uncertainty and that tensing we have against not knowing that tenting against change and I wanNA say right from the start? That opening to the reality of uncertainty doesn't mean passivity in any way it means we open and come into the kind of presence that actually lets US respond to uncertain times with a lot more balanced and wisdom and with a steady heart given that as we know uncertainty activates our brain and we get caught up in it for many of in session thinking and it's kind of mode were trying to figure things out or just trying to find some certainty.

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