Khashoggi’s Son Says Family Pardons His Father’s Killers


The son of the murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi has said he forgives the people who killed his father the announcements likely to mean that the five people on death row in Saudi Arabia a granted clemency but his fiancee has said that no one has the right to pardon the killers all the people that ordered the killing while several campaigners have suggested Mr how shocked she son has been placed under pressure to make the statement chillingly the reports Jamal Khashoggi walls a fierce critic of the Saudi government in October twenty eighteen he was mad at and this man that's inside the Saudi consulates in the Turkish city of Istanbul the journalist had gone to the building's got to documents about his divorce in the following months the Saudi authorities gave different accounts of what happened before announcing he'd been killed in a radical operation which hasn't been state sanctioned that's been disputed by international intelligence agencies with the U. N. saying there is credible evidence that crown prince Muhammad bin Salman Khan and of the Saudi officials were responsible but after trial shrouded in secrecy five men who've never been identified was sentenced to death the latest intervention by son of Jamal Khashoggi means those men and now unlikely so as of the executed Salafi showed she writes on Twitter that he and his brothers had forgiven the father's killers during the month of Ramadan the Saudi media outlets Arab news says the announcement may spell the men from the death penalty but doesn't reverse the conviction or mean they would be punished it's been widely reported that the children of the meta journalist received a multi million dollar homes from the Saudi government as well as monthly payments that's been denied by Salafist so G. he maintains he has full confidence in the justice

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