The FBI broke Apple’s iPhone encryption, but you shouldn’t panic



The most recent contention between the FBI. Napa over device encryption has come to an end as agency is unlocked to iphones belonging to the Pensacola shooter with. No thanks to apple going further. Ag William Bars again called for the government to force apple and others to create backdoors and devices the the apple team or apple has replied the terrorist attack on members of the United States armed service at the Naval Air Station. Pensacola Florida was devastating. And hennessy heinous act up responded to the FBI's I request information hours after the attack and continue sport law enforcement during their investigation. We've prayed every piece of racial able to US including I cloud backups. I count information and transactional data for multiple counts. We lent continuous ongoing technical. And investigators support the FBI OPS Jacksonville Pensacola and Jacksonville Pensacola and in New York. Over the month sense on this many thousands of other cases we continue work round the clock but the FBI and other investigators that keep Americans saved and bring criminals to justice as a proud American company. We consider supporting. We consider supporting law enforcement. Port Work Responsibility. The false claim made about a companies are an excuse to weaken encryption and other security measures that protect millions of users and our national security It is because we take responsibility security so serious that we do not believe in the creation of a back door one which will make every device. Romell too bad actors or threaten our national security and the data security of our customers. There's no such thing as a back door. Just for the good guys. And the American people do not have to choose between weakening encryption and effective investigations. Koskinen keep their information secure and one of the ways in which we do so by using strong encryption across our device and servers. We sell the same iphone everywhere. We don't start customers passcodes and we don't have the capability. Unlock passcode protected. Devices and data centers we deploy strong hardware and software security protections keeping afresh safe. And this show. There are no backdoors into our systems. All these practice apply equally to our operation every country in the world.

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