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All About Alocasia 'Polly'



Plant is allocated Paulie applaud. That certainly poses some challenges for most of us. Mere Mortal House plant growers and Today. I'm joined by Mireya of instagram account. Born gardening to help you pick your way through the minefield that is allocated Eur polly care. Maria is a gardener. In the wonderful city of Baja. Lana did I say that. Well probably not in Spain. And she is a DAB hand at growing this plant. A member of the asteroid Klein with those vein leaves the look so stunning when you buy them and look some terrible as they start to die. So where have we all been going broke? Will his my chat with Mariah so we will find out Mireya. We are here to talk about. Alec as your Paulie which I think might be up there as the number one plant that people find a bit tricky to grow. It's a beautiful beautiful plant though and I can understand why everyone is so captivated by it isn't one of your favorites. Yes is eased one of my favorites for me. It's a plan. I associate with the tropics and just takes me straight to the tropics and with this deep green Arrow shaped way. Wavy edged leaves mesmerizing. I mean I can spend hours looking at A. It's unbelievable really nice and I think that's why a lot of people would have in. The House is Yeah. It does seem very widely available now. I think it must've been being being mass produced and so everyone can get their hands on this blog now but not everyone can keep it happy and the number of times. I see a post from somebody saying my Poli is dead. Wayne Coors is a day polly. How do people kill this particular law? I think the number one issue with this plan is maintaining the high levels of humidity and warmth as well in in the House. You know to recreate this kind of ganguly environment in a house is quite is quite hard. It really likes sort of temperature from sixteen to two seven degrees so that could be a tricky especially in the UK in the winter when the Heaton is on the air. It's way dry. I mean I live in the Mediterranean. So that helps quite a bit because he is quite warm Resolution is very humid. So it's sort of like lifestyle. I know by St Louis talking about high levels of humidity which are to trades in a house about fifteen percent of up. So I think what he what is good. Is to have a humidifier few hours a day if you can if you can have one. I mean I don't have one so what I use is pebble trade. We've so when J.j This humidity around it. And what I really like doing as well. Which mind is in this environment is grouping grouping the plans which claimed his micro and you really works. My one is surrounded by Begonias Theis fans which is they will require high levels of humidity on. I think he's really nice as well. Because you create a little landscape like literally to your landscape of having them scattered around the house so I think this this this works. That's a good point because people often want to display this plot as a specimen plan on its own because it is so gorgeous but as you say it's probably going to be much happier in agree with all the plots where it's it's possibly going to get a bit of a boost not just looking at my little Thermometer slash humidity monitor in here and it's only thirty two percent humidity in here right now which is terrible. I think you know the winter. Obviously I didn't know how you'll heating works here in the UK mainly have radiators. Which are you know hopefuls being piped through and it's makes yes so dry states they have avenue which is even worse so there is a real issue. That as you said humidifier can breed really help. I think it would be excellent. It's it's it's it's the it's the trick the humidifier if you have the heat on he. I live in various choir choir. Small you know by a flag and you really need the heating on winter so we quite lucky without the you polly was getting too little humidity. How would she know? What size does it? Give off that. It's really unhappy is it so the crispy edges to the lease is that it produces this brown tapes and sometimes we see Yellow Halos as well on the leaves then when we when we started saying that it. That's that's what it needs really and sometimes what happens as well then using all my God. You know it's so we can. We get that confusion between humidity on wartime with sometimes is really difficult to handle and restart over watering and then what happens is a leads to grow pot and then with a prominent as well does it. It can it di- back can go into dormancy and winter and lose leaves and then come back in the spring yet. That's what he does actually below twelve degrees. It goes into dormancy. Need to keep in place. But don't worry if you see that growing leaves coming out image just is having FBI arrest during the period and then in the spring will come back. Come back to live so the bright again and you can you can start again with the winter and you have to look at match less obviously and defined with this plot the oftentimes. It needs reporting when you buy it because it's been posited into something that's possibly not suitable in terms of potting mix. Then I think What I do with mine I? I like to try to regularly regret as I can. This sort of Equi jungle me soil which I try to create my own with the potting soil. Potting ORCHID BAR. It is possible the one and then alight and then. I think we're really works as well as could innovate finally In in the mix and because he keeps it gives the soil them. Which is what this plan likes as well. It doesn't like soggy soil like Saddam so spag. Moore's is great doing that so I think he's good if you can get hold of some spinal Moscow. Someone can mixing it with the soil and mix it. Yeah because sometimes comes in when you buy is not is it just you water him water and all the nutrients and unique to to change it a bit and we'd like to this. Hugh applaud. What's the regime there? We don't want it alongside the CACTI and succulents possibly now now. We don't want with in full Sun. Full side is not advisable egg because they will just banned leaves and and the economy comes from San alikes. Brian direct sand. Actually so a really likes my. My one is in east facing window a few a couple of away from the window and get the morning sun. Which is the best son because sign is strong so it's going really well there. Nfc South facing window is especially in the main Rainey's it's you can have it in the UK. Maybe the winter months. It'd be alright but I will keep a few a few feet away. Not South is this applaud the Subject to draw like if he did keep near near window a cold drafts. Presumably won't be good for it either now doesn't like graphs suffer now. So that's why is bad to say a few away from the window because if you if you have a draft in will kill it definitely doesn't at all and if you have a shady area a one maybe one grow so well I would advise as well. It's too late at least once a month so it will improve with capture in lines for the leaves. Because sometimes you get you get the state the best on the leaves in that. What do you use the ducks? Just damp cloth. Yes a damn close and I think is really is really good for the land and every like is like a set of penalty from his long relaxing and connects you with a plan even more so. I think he's a good thing to do. I do with my ray. I tried to do it

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