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Dental Hacks Greatest Hits: Endo Strikes Back! (DHP293)


Carolina accent style Italian. I like Zach. Where did you? Where'd you learn? Endo where you go when you decided you we or did you love it all the way from Dallas Cool. Yeah I loved it. All the way from dental school I did Multiple Molars in school just came out. Just doing it from the get-go in addition to the out. I I'm I will also vouch for pathways. The pulp that's Has a book that I read what I wanted to improve things a little bit. I also early on in my career. what I was dead. I would do into what extracted teeth. It just Reps. I have never taken a formal advanced hands on course but man. I've done a lot of extracted teeth. there's a really great youtube video if you WANNA do. Extracted teeth called You have to Google tabletop ended onyx and IT Kinda T. She had a role through your file series with an apex locator and man. If you WANNA get good. Just do teeth fine canals. File them out. That's that's really the best way I've I've known to get better at it. They don't pay their bills at all though like once. They're out of the. Elvis deadbeats men. It's true but it's your save you a lot of money flying around ten five thousand dollar courses. I suppose I suppose coming from Zach. I'm not not surprised to hear that angle. Just say and Kevin so and you're of I'm not I'm not ashamed to say you're older than the rest of us. You're an exactly. It should bow down to me. You could be. You could be my father but he looks much younger than me so he actually be. My father died. Be Creepy actually so so. Tell me. Tell me a little bit about your like you decide. You're going to do endo who take from. Or would you read? If you say pathways the pulp and a punch you in the face so graduated in one thousand nine hundred nine and at that point. I did too. I did too from high school high school at that point Rotary files weren't really good. Point and so I learned all of that hand filing and I gotTa tell you would not do endo at all right now. That's what I still had to do and I can remember early on in my first practice. You know struggling through a couple of molars with hand files just thinking this is. This is just torture. So when rotary files started started to become more popular I I read an article in Dentistry today. from Stephen Buchanan and glommed onto that and unlike America Zach with the different file systems is sort of needed just point me in one direction with one vial still murray learn and the GT files on his articles. Just made sense to me. So that's actually not what I use now are used to knock offs of those but we'll get into Trivial weight too but that system just made sense to me. I was able to make it work. Well for me and Then later on in my career I actually went out to Santa Barbara and One of his classes which really. I think really helped me a lot with a lot of the things that I was struggling with To get better and more efficient and M. I. Endo started getting a lot better after that so I did take the course and it really helped me a lot plus Santa. Barbara's really nice it's It's the same sort of tourist destinations. Cleveland but it has an ocean and not a lake. I went to I I went to an amide in Santa Barbara and I th the resort. That we were in was pretty nice. I did not care for Santa Barbara. I you know what it was a lot of homeless people like that. That is actually my first impression of Santa Barbara because when the hotel ahead to go to the drugstore to get some advil or something and I I walk past two or three scary. Homeless people handle aggressive panhandlers. They look at Beecham's they were aggressive. Panhandlers yet on the east coast. We think like California's beautiful and we get there. It's sorry California's like yeah. You kind of sock in some ways. I'm just saying Santa Barbara the Myrtle beach of California totally but very good. That's Hilarious so so we've all kind of taken different routes to get where we are with this thing in the actually. Each.

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