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Early results from Moderna coronavirus vaccine trial show participants developed antibodies against the virus


The hour so the Great Awakening is underway now is we try to get the Kinks out of the American muscle you know it's going to be a long process and as the country begins to re emerge from life in lockdown one thing is crucial to long term taming of the corona virus and that of course is finding an effective vaccine one company says it may be a step closer to protecting people from that virus Karen Kaiser reports Dr tal Zaks chief medical officer of the drug manufacturer Madera says they are seeing promising results in human trials really good news for us and everybody that's been watching for this day the biotech company in partnership with the national institutes of health measured antibodies in eight people in vaccinated then all eight developed neutralizing antibodies these antibodies were proven to be able to unlock the ability of the virus to infect so we are already seeing an immune response at the level of people who've been infected with this virus and are believing out not to be susceptible to further disease origin but we still don't know if people who have been infected with the virus are immune from it in the future so it's not clear whether vaccination will provide total immunity so far Madonna has vaccinated between sixty and one hundred participants starting in July the company plans to begin to conduct large scale clinical trials which typically consist of tens of thousands of people if those studies are successful the company hopes to have a vaccine on the market between January and June of next year this is really a very first important step available for the people who need it the most as researchers work at lightning fast speeds medical experts caution it may be some time before it could be nineteen vaccine is

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