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Limited Time Gaming Events: Yay or Nay?


This week. We all know that animal crossings. Museum Day Stamp. Rally event has started. And this comes the question delimited time evincing games. Are they good or are they bad or they fun? Are they stressful or are they something in between to some games do that well to other games do it poorly what do you think what do you think about limited time events inside games? For example Animal Cross Caesium Day stamp. Rally the Cherry blosser. Diy Events and all of those other things will the animal crossing events are really interesting to me to in this in this question specifically because like generally I don't mind limited time events in Games but also I think of those in the context of online games or multiplayer games with big communities that you're interacting with other people and so like the item that you got at that point is kind of like a badge of honor of like. I've been playing this long that I got to be at this event. At this time you know stuff like Monster Hunter or any M. O. Or or dislike legal legends did a lot of leg limited time events are stone. Does all these events like the VAT type of thing. I never really minded. It's a little different. I don't mind it in animal crossing either but it's a little different than it is like primarily single player game. Obviously this is a similar thing of like you can show off you know. I'm sure there's somebody out there who's got that guards and they're like you know I was there for the Easter event with my Anger Arch. But like it's less thrilling when it something that you're just sort of building for your own collection. I think that that's kind of my initial my gut reaction. I think you putting your finger on something there. I actually animal. Crossing fundamentally is is structured around the calendar year. Right there events that you come back for some of the attraction is to come back and see what? Christmas looks like what Easter looks like in the game so I actually really liked that. I don't think they've yet fully connected the dots on how to let everybody in then celebrate like if you take like a a fortnight concert event for example is this giant thing where everybody rallies around. It's a big story online and yet the Easter eggs stuff was pretty big around Across thing to if you're on social media it was mostly people complaining that they got so many eggs but there is kind of like the starting point of something that uses an event to create a connection between people. I think ultimately those other ones where that I like split tune was a great example of timed events to like haven't been you break into teams and rally around the these two teams and align with one was really really fun from a you know. Working Dad perspective. It's never awesome dead. They are time limited in had to miss out on some of them because I was doing something else and on a trip or spending time with family but I. I fundamentally like that stuff. Yeah I think I think the time items especially when it comes to like weapons armor or super cool. I think it's like when you see somebody in game. And you see the geared. They've got because they did sometimes event. It's it shows like. Oh this person's really hardcore. They've got this super rare item from this time to vent interesting. It just doesn't necessarily fit with how I play games like typically like I don't do a ton of jumping back into stuff after I've been away and I thought that animal crossing would be the game that would like really ingratiate me into time events but I haven't picked it up in weeks in the museum. If anything was going to get me back into it it would have been the museum events but I you know I I think at this point is well. I had my time with it. I I enjoyed it and now onto other stuff but I don't necessarily disagree with the idea. The pair there's definitely some kind of pressure or some sort of like a gamers anxiety around getting all of those specific items or or things in that timeframe like when when march was ending in people are trying to catch who dump fisherman were crossing. There was one fish sealer camp. No not the different fish anyway. The everybody on my mind was like I've been fishing for four hours. I've spent hundred fifty strengthening. That is still haven't caught the string fish and it was getting to the point where people are like just event ends in three hours. And I don't have a string fish. What am I going to do that? I also commiserate with that in that I don't want to have to the Cherry blossoms actually was the problem where people you know. The people fell lake. There was a task list of things that you needed to accomplish. But they couldn't because the recipes were released over time rights catching the cherry blossom petals and seeing other people craft things but not being able to them themselves so they was a little bit of that anxiety with it but I think it depends on. What kind of Gamer you are? I I have no problem. That didn't get the Cherry blossom fan or something in time. You can come back next year. You can time travel this year. You Yeah I think steph completion EST thing right like please just need to have all that stuff in the time frame and I've never been that so I used to be that man. I used to be that so hard with games. Where anytime a seasonal would come out. I would need to hit every single thing the when I was really really into Hurston Art Stone. I came out I was like I need to get every single card back that they release every single time they release new card back and then there was a car. You could only get one a tournament in China or something like that and I was like. Oh while okay fair you know that feeling with Bebo and those special monster Hunter Amoeba right or like the Lebow Joy Khan and stuff like that and I think part of me sort of just like gave our like and I think I'm better for it where I was just like okay you know. I don't need absolutely everyone of those things. But I tell who sympathized with the people that are like that. Because I've been there and it's it's a really like suffocating feeling especially in the case of like the Cherry blossom thing where it's like you are playing every day but now he's you still not getting everything

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