Sahara dust cloud causes Code Orange Air Quality Alert for Sunday in Atlanta


That code orange air quality alert in place now for Atlanta today due to that big dust cloud making its way here across the state tell to action news meteorologist Brad nets but it does lower the air air quality quality of of some some of of that that dust dust comes comes down down so so for for that that reason reason a a code code orange orange air air quality quality alerts alerts have have been been issued issued and and WSP WSP Jennifer Jennifer Perry Perry says says the the Georgia Georgia department department of of public public health health says says wear a mask a mask will not only help prevent the spread of covert nineteen but it can also protect you from dust from the Saharan dust cloud as it moves over Georgia they say it's especially important to take precautions if you have a chronic lung condition the serin dust makes its way across the Atlantic every year it's more dense this year than it's been in the last fifty or sixty years

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