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And they would start doing things like Mimicking our body posture in some cases, mimicking like the rhythm of our sounds in the water. If we were doing anything vocally, and we just kind of thought, wouldn't it be cool to see what we empowered them to communicate back to us? And the key to unlocking that communication turned out to be play dolphins, just like humans love to play games. Mostly with toys of piece of robe, a bit of seaweed. Anything they can pull around in the water. Correct. So what kind of games do they like to play? Well, it's mostly called Keep away. That is, if they get the toy, then the ideas They like to be chased. They liketo letyou get almost close enough to grab the toy. But then they speed often. That's the game. That's not what they play with each other, actually. The only question was how to use that play to crack the code, the code that would unlock the meaning behind the Dolphins noises now, one way to crack the code is to interpret the signals and figure out what they mean. But it's a difficult job and we actually don't have a Rosetta stone yet. But a second way to crack the code is to develop some technology an interface to do two a communication and that's what we've been trying to do in the Bahamas and in real time, so we built a portable keyboard. It pushed through the water, and we labeled for objects would like to play with the scarf, ropes orgasm and also had a bar ride, which is a fun activity for And that's the scarf whistle, and these are artificially created whistles outside the Dolphins normal repertoire, but they're easily mimicked by the Dolphins. And I spent four years with my colleagues Adam Pak and Phoebe until four Ah, working out in the field with this keyboard, using it with each other to do request for toys. While the Dolphins were watching and the Dolphins could get in on the game, they could point at the visual objects. Or they mimic the whistle. Another way to imagine. This experiment, he says, is think of how you try to teach words to a baby and you're trying to get them to understand the word milk. So you have a glass of milk and going here's some milk, or do you want the bill? Or would you like some milk? So we're not really teaching them commands were exposing them to the communication system with the hopes that they will learn to use it to communicate back to us what they want, Okay? Oh, an underwater keyboard. Four buttons, each with a different whistle sound for a different toy. So the Dolphins were actually doing really cool things like we would play the computer whistle say, like for Sir Gas, which is of use to see me they play with the Dolphins would immediately tag on another whistle to the end of the computer whistle. So, yeah, Thie answer to the question Do dolphins have a language is maybe kind of They certainly have a desire to communicate. So now Denise and her fellow researchers are

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