Should You Alter A Classic Gun?; Trolling A Political Candidate On Guns; Jim's Trade of Guns and Ammo for a Guitar: Gun Talk Radio | 06.28.20 After Show



The wacky gun talk after show crews, daughter and there's no telling what they'll say. But no one knows why it's after show. Look at Jim. Kinsey and Michelle clear with us. Hi, guys! Hello, greetings, kind diller, yeah! Oh sure here. We go just just because I was. On before, we started the show. To warm up you. GotTa. Get Him in there. That's right. You're taking practice swings right? Time. Oh, goodness gracious. Fun Stuff Man Steph. We're talking about today was interesting. Some technical some, but it's interesting. How often leads us back to the idea of training so often? It's Kinda where we end up. So just. Stopped, ovation seemed like most of these questions can particularly self defense. Stuff goes back to go get more training or get some training. Get something from somebody which also yields awareness, which you can use in your everyday life without handguns true. Yeah, you're making the point where we're talking about. You know getting out of a tough situation with these riots Don't drive up to close to the car in front of you leave. If you have to be perceived the tires of the car in front of you. When you're stopped that way, you have room to drive around them and escape What what? Do. You drive a hummer US drive over. Goodness. Could do that. Let's go visit with Tyler. He's called in from. Houston hey tyler. Thank you for your patience and forgetting back with us. How you doing man? No problem greetings Tom in the cramps. Absolutely, so you got here well. I like to go back to the second segment. He talked about people being on the list. Not Want to be on the list Thanks for bringing that up. That drives me crazy guys that I. I don't want to be on the list. I need you to buy this for me or look. We're in the information age. If you've anything related online, you're probably on some type of list anyway, but just get over it I'm just I'm tired of hearing about it and I was glad you brought it up. Yeah, it's actually I. think it's just an excuse. And I WANNA say back. Doesn't that just make you a coward if you? Don't want to stand up for the second member. You don't want to stand up for our country. You are you on a hide on this? This is you. Why don't you stand up and be counted? This country wasn't built by men and me stuffing easy way out. That's way to put I like well. I, appreciate that thank you sir. Yes, sir, the reason I was calling though I went to the gun shop last week, poking around and I, went to buy a pistol and left with rifle instead. Have you ever had? Know you a better deal. I picked up a winchester model. Fifty four chambered to seventy. It was manufactured

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