GUS ATE MEAT! - #596


Starting so we're using program where you have like all of us in one window but you also have your own. Webcam that you could use like a confidence monitor so even when onscreen you still see yourself and I had open in the top corner and it was perfectly covering all of gusts in my view so it was just Music Kevin Jessica me again. What was preferable that way you like? Do you like seeing yourself. Double I do and I don't I feel like The podcast would be severely missing you. Yoga's and two of that was my monitor super small interfering with any of the other with any of the view. So it's like you're you're confident. Ready Right I don't need an overconfidence monitor. Figured he'd WanNa see yourself as much as possible wrong wrong time doing that. I things this week ready ready. I got older and I got H- area that's about it. What happened here anything? What's going on I think? And we lose Gavin or something like I any Jessica going. Well it's we're okay. Well we tra- let me try. I've seen it for every every I know everybody keeps talking about it so who into a goodwill and I found him and we just connected you ever just like go to goodwill you see something you're like I need you but his face just Caesar just I dunno I connected with them and and he said yes and so. I brought them home crack right here. Yeah Yeah exactly. Like twenty dollars for him but I love him. He's my now but Blaine wants to buy him but I told him no please my so similarly one time. I was driving down the road. Kinda kind of by Mo pack and it was trash day in the trash can set out and in front of People's houses and I was driving down the road and I stopped and looked over because something was sticking out of a trash can and I. It looks weird. I had to go over to closer. Look at it and so I pull listening out of someone's trash can and it was like taxidermied dirtied mongoose with a snake wrapped around it. If they were fighting each other like I was holding garbage in my hands and look stared at it for a long time. Does this deserve a place in my house? I was ultimately. I was like no so this is this is trash. For a reason I ended up putting it back in the guards we saw. But you thought about it. You know almost almost that connection. Can you guys? I'm going to check here. Thanks speak with their say I that okay. There's a message for us. We you need to unhook this window and then restart the other program. I have done that. Can you hear me now? Yes I can hear. Barb Yeah I had I fucking just had a miniature panic attack when that was all happening because I was like everything on my computer just went silent hear anybody you guys can still hear me. 'cause I'm still doing the mix call but discord complete disconnect greatly who? Oh Jeez yeah I see you in. They're super weird cool. But I'm over here so that's cool. I'm hearing double so you guys talk for while I figured this out you can you? I was just screaming to myself. I think it's a good sign that it took us. What like seven weeks or seven of these episodes for us to finally have a A A technical problem with that would disk just went down. That's yeah it was super weird. It was like the fucking leftovers. Saw All of you guys get taken like the Rican rapture sleeping? I'm pretty good. Are we going back into that court? I think it's completely okay. Yeah it's really good about halfway through season two right. Now it's like one of those shows that people raved about but I never watched while it was on and now nothing else to do so I started watching it and it's kind of jarring watching when they do the transition into season two because they filmed it in the Austin area. And I'm like Oh yeah washed my car there before or oh I used to work in. That building is time. We did a remember when we did that. Video for rt life where we were trying to find the scenes. They did for the last of us at the opening. Where it's supposed it's supposedly Austin and we went around town trying to find all the different places and I don't think we really found anything that was quite on the nose for it right and we found with sign that might have been in the game. They were like. Maybe it wasn't not much. I also gussied just popped up on my screen. I hadn't seen your face up close for a while. Your hair has grown out long behind your ears there long. Oh in the morning. It's like everywhere. It's like longer front to back. Yeah running really. You've got like a mountain of here back there in the morning when I should take a photo in the morning when I wake up because it's now it's Kinda kept down but in the morning. It's like like a doc brown back to the future. It's just like shout win. Actually that would be a great social post like everybody. Take a picture of what you look like. They're morning because like everybody is Super Harry now and would love to see late. Devon wakes up looking like a frigging peacock man just like Sarah sticking up from all angles. It's awful for you are using your legs that.

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