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For failing to contain the corona virus when it initially broke out they didn't allow people to go into China but they did allow them to go out to the world including the United States that's why Europe is a mess that's why I look at look at these countries Russia is having a hard time the president on fox's Sunday morning futures he's joined by Senate and house Republicans who are calling for legislation to hold the Chinese Communist Party accountable for the spread of code nineteen around the world they can't treat the world what they treat their citizens which is to keep them under oppression and make them believe every bit of communist doctrine that they want to believe and what we're gonna do is say if you want to actually be a part of the world you need to be out there and give a full accounting and international accounting of what you did what you did not do congressman Doug Collins also on fox news Sunday morning futures Beijing though maintains its been transparent about the virus and accuses Republicans of playing politics during a pandemic meanwhile states are developing plans to open up businesses and schools Colorado Jared Polish is optimistic I'm really confident that it's a critical part of our society and schools need to function they are going to function it's also going to be somewhat of a hybrid environment meaning there's might be times during the year if there's an outbreak at a school that has to convert online for a period of weeks intelligence and reason was safe to return to school but by and large I think across our state across our nation kids are gonna be able to return to school in the fall I'm gonna Polish on fox news Sunday infectious disease expert Dr Anthony Fauci though things it may be too early to talk about re opening schools he doesn't expect a vaccine to be ready some good news in Italy the number of people who died from covert nineteen in the past twenty four hours dropped to one hundred forty five today.

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