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Scott Kerr, Canada And John Trout discussed on Doug Stephan


The cares acting at times heated hearing highlighted the delicate balance between the health of Americans and the health of the economy here's an exchange between democratic senator Sherrod brown of Ohio and treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin how many workers should give their lives to increase in GDP or the Dow Jones one thousand quits no worker should give their lives to do that Mister senator and I think your characterization is unfair after the congressional oversight commission found the treasury department has so far spent little of the five hundred billion dollars appropriated for lending money to businesses and to state and local governments Karen he fell Washington United Airlines says it's seeing a moderate pickup in travel demand and fewer cancellations most of the increase for domestic not so much international routes I'm John trout and iconic brands throws in the towel on baby powder demand for Johnson and Johnson's baby powder has steeply fallen off in recent months the New Jersey based company faces more than nineteen thousand civil cases alleging its talcum powder caused users to develop ovarian cancer or mesothelioma an incurable deadly cancer that strikes the lungs and other organs the company blames the declining demand and what it calls misinformation around the safety of the product and a constant barrage of litigation advertising officials with the world still biggest maker of health care products says the talc based powder will still be sold outside the U. S. and Canada I'm Scott Kerr calloused Indian president Mahmoud Abbas says the Palestinian authority will no longer be committed to any signed agreements with Israel or the U. S. following Israel's pledge to annex large parts of the occupied west bank.

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