He Could Go All.. the Way!


Hello and welcome to misinformation Trivia podcast for ladies, Jesse Love Goo Trivia and stick annoying teams as we are your hosts I'm Lauren and I'm Julia Hey Joel High Lord. We're we're still in pandemic mode while we're recording this. Yup We're recording a bunch ahead of time, so you know who knows where we are when this comes out, but. Yeah so in recent weeks in in our current time line where we are right now. It seems that the only like sports thing that has happened in the last I. Don't know four to six months. NFL Draft Oh. People were so excited for the draft. It was finally sports thing is. That is live that we can watch. That means something, and it was just so much like it was basically like zoom screens, and they would show like this. Is this draft persons at their house in this draft person at their house and you know. Maybe they got the call, and then they stood up and cheered, and they were on the camera, and that was like people were so excited, just three. Sports. Just want the, and it's not even playing sports show Yeah Rama's of eventually. Yes, going to be able to play sports. Yes, and I talked with our friend Tara Shout Tara. The other day and she was like I'm so excited I'm so excited and looking forward to tonight. And I was like why she said because the bills are gonNA. Release the schedule for the fall. I was like Oh my God so. Late. So I'm trying to do my best to help. Bring some more sports related content to fill that D- to fill Azam because clearly there. Actually I was inspired from a couple of weeks ago and we talked with Father Brad. And he was talking about the new. Orleans Saints, an this. This one play at our liens superdome that really re revived the city Yup and it really made me think and so today we're doing. He could go all the way. This episode is on famous plays in football history I love this. This is great sell. The things going to be talking about they do come up. Trivia they are frequent references, I know that there's a lot of people out there that don't like sports, and then you go great a sports ball question by up like guys. It's fine. It's fine to like pop culture. Yeah, I like sports. It's fine to be a nerd. Whatever like whatever Ya is not a high Falutin. Thing the way that some o pretend that it is and we don't pretend that it's. You know. Oh, my Gosh! No, it's not sit. Nothing is sacred in trivial so anyway. Little Tangent, no, it's totally and you know what not for nothing I'm not somebody who watches sports on a regular basis, but I can appreciate it because you know what sports is just storytelling. It's another version of storytelling. It's a war. It's a battle. It's a battle of wits. It's a battle of strategies. It can be really engaging in. into thread to have in common with people to say like it's uniting about Buffalo. Bills Fan. You're all high liven rock down the street. Same thing like if I'm Pittsburgh and I. Somebody runs through a stop sign and I go to yell at them, but I see that they're stealing. I much less likely to flip out so. Wow, that's something I learned about you actually. Good I'll. Sure to keep that. It's something we all have in common common thread. ETC, so the thing is when you talk about. They come up a trivia. They are commonly referenced There are some of these things have had like big impacts on the sports, world and broadcasting, and that kind of thing, so oh, yeah. We're GONNA stay with the NFL. And I'M GONNA. Go in chronological order so the first one I'm talking about is called the Heidi game. This is November seventeenth, nineteen, sixty eight, and it was the New York jets versus the Oakland Raiders so. Kind of starts out your run of the mill Sunday. Football game between two rival teams, the jets and the raiders it ends up being notable because of its very exciting finish. Oakland ended up scoring two touchdowns in the final minute of the game to win the game, but the game got its name for a decision made by the Games television broadcaster NBC to break away from its coverage of the game, the East Coast to instead broadcast the television debut of the film Heidi causing many years to miss the raiders comeback

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