U.S. is 'looking at' banning TikTok and Chinese social media apps, Pompeo says


Tic tacs, and late last night that it plans to exit Hong Kong. Within days as several tech giants have announced that there are pausing the review of the Hong Kong government request for user data in reaction to the national security law that China imposed on the region. And his current political expression in its future of the United States may also be in question that, according to the Trump administration, this is from Reuters. In the light of the recent events, we've decided to stop operations of the TIC tac app in Hong Kong. That's what a Chinese spokesperson or that's what Tic Tac has said. Meanwhile, there's a lot of conversation here in America about TIC tac, possibly being banned. Well, then people have been talking about it for months being you know what China based organization you know, China owns just about everything. They have access to everything and this tick top app. Is collecting a lot of data on people. A lot of companies routinely receive requests for user data from governments throughout the world, including Hong Kong is part of the criminal investigations. Facebook Twitter Google are among the companies that have said They would suspend operations in that region to look more closely at the law. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is speaking out against TIC Tac, and it's something that more and more politicians are talking about, possibly banning. Here in the United States. You're still on it. I am. Here's what Tic Tac. Here's what Pompeo says. We're certainly looking at it, Pompeo said in response to an interview. Question. We've worked on the issue for a long time, he added, citing the administration's prohibition against embattled China Telcom. Hallway. Now the apples recent become a vehicle for political activism, of course, after President Trump's official Twitter account invited supporters to request tickets, you know that Oklahoma campaign in Tulsa lot of tech talkers were requesting tickets and with no intentions of showing

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